How To Make A Fair Offer When Buying A Home

If it’s your first time to buy a home, you probably already know that it’s one tough ride. A lot of things can go wrong, and a lot of things can go right. The process isn’t always straightforward and clean cut and there are complications that can be quite difficult to deal with if you’re not ready for them. It’s a far cry from buying furniture or a new car. Buying a home is going to affect your life in a big way for a long period of time. It pays to approach this experience with the right frame of mind and expectations.

One part of the home-buying process that many people fnd challenging is the part where you make an offer to buy the property. Offering to buy it at an unreasonably low cost may offend the sellers and give them the impression that you’re taking advantage of their need to sell. It could jeopardize your chances at closing the deal. Conversely, if you offer something higher than what you should, it’s obviously not going to be advantageous to you.

When figuring out how much to offer, it pays to do some digging on historical data. Don’t jump on a deal or base your offer entirely on the list price of the property. Do some research and find out how much houses were selling for in the area within the last two or three years. Find properties in the same community with the same (or almost the same) specifications so that you can make a closer match to what you think would be a fair offer for the home you want to buy.

If possible, get the data on the properties that were recently sold in the neighborhood and how much the asking prices for those houses were. It may be hard to get an exact match to your house, but you’ll understand what makes one house more expensive than others as you look through different houses. For example, if you’re looking to buy Fountain Hills real estate, look through the same area for Fountain Hills homes for sale and find one that closely resembles the house you want to buy in terms of floor area, number of rooms, age, and the likes. You’ll find that the asking prices for these houses will be similar.

Inspect the property to find out whether there are things that would justify lowering the price of the house such as minor repairs, things that need to be replaced such as light fixtures, faucets, etc. If you find things to be repaired, discuss this with the owner and see if he/she can lower the price or at least shoulder the cost of the repairs.

You should also consider other factors such as how long the house has been sitting, waiting to be sold. It may make an impact on the willingness of the the owners to lower the price of the house if they haven’t been able to sell it for a long time.

It’s considered good practice not to offer lower than 85% of the asking price. The idea is to offer something low enough so that even the counter offer may still be within the vicinity of your price range.

Things You Need When You Move Into Your New Apartment Or Renovated House

Moving into a new apartment or renovated house can be very exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. Here are some things that you can’t live without.

1. Plunger: Just in case, you must have one.

2. Shower Curtain: This allows you to get creative, and it can add a lot of flavor to your new bathroom.

3. Toilet bowl brush: You don’t want that nasty scum building up in the bowl causing a stink, do you?

4. Towel rack: An over the door rack can save space and is easier than putting screws in the wall.

5. Floor mat: Cold floor=cold feet. Not good. Drips and wet floors are bad too.

6. Dishrack: If you don’t have a dishwasher, this is a must have. With it you’ll need a drain board so that excess water doesn’t spill onto your countertops. A dishrag is helpful too, when you need to wipe stuff around the kitchen.

7. Kitchen stuff: Forks, knives, spoons, wine bottle opener, can opener and cutting board are just some of the things you’ll need. Buy the basics at first and add more with each paycheck.

8. Broom and dustpan: To keep the place clean, you’ll need this to begin with and other cleaning supplies later.

9. Trash cans: Where else are you going to put the garbage?

10. Clothes hangers: unless you have a huge bureau.

11. Lighting: A nice lamp can do wonders for the mood of a room. Christmas lights, chili pepper lights or whatever other flavor you prefer can help to save electricity and provide the apartment with soft, nice light.

12. Mattress: If you don’t have one already, you will probably want to invest.

13. Furniture: A futon is great as a couch because it doubles as a bed. Visit wholesale furniture stores, or look for other people’s garbage; sometimes people moving from distressed homes have nice things that they can’t fit anymore, so they put them on the curb for other people to take. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

14. Decorate: A tapestry, blanket or carpet is a great way to cover white space. Unique curtains can save you money while lending the place a homey feel. Picture frames, though more expensive are a much classier and adult way to hang your posters and photographs than tacks.

15. Essentials: Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, paper towels, dish soap, and trash bags are all things that you’ll need pretty immediately.

After that, you will start to feel more and more comfortable with your space. You may want a pet, and you will remember things that you like personally, and can’t do without, such as candles or a garlic press. Your new home will eventually take its own shape and the cleaner and more creative you are, the more pleasant it will be to live in.

Fixing The House Or Breaking The Law The Scoop On Hiring An Illegal Maid

An illegal immigrant is a person who has crossed a national border in any manner that violates the laws of immigration. People do this for a variety of reasons. Some feel this is their way out of poverty. They come to the United States to look for work. You may come across someone like this who seems to need your help. Perhaps you are looking for an affordable way to keep your home clean. You may consider the possibility of hiring an illegal immigrant as a maid. In that scenario, it would seem that both parties have something to gain.

Is it Wrong to Hire an Illegal Immigrant Maid?

On one hand, seeing a person in a desperate situation can naturally make a person want to help. The person may be very nice and just in a bad predicament. Your job offer could help feed this person’s family. Another reason people may wish to hire an illegal immigrant as a maid is to possibly get the labor for a lower amount than they would normally pay, because an illegal immigrant will not report them for substandard pay due to having an illegal status.

On the other hand, when considering whether or not to hire an illegal immigrant maid, it is important to remember that there are consequences that can go along with offering that help. Consider the fact that if you do, you could possibly be charged with a felony.

An alternative does exist in encouraging this person to apply for the guest worker program, which, if approved, would allow an illegal immigrant to remain legally employed without the risk of deportation. The guest worker program is a way for illegal immigrants to temporarily remain in the U.S. for employment purposes. Qualifying for the guest worker program will take away the risk of deportation.


As mentioned on, knowingly encouraging or harboring an illegal alien, by assisting him or her in finding work or by providing employment, is a violation of federal law. Employment is defined as any service or labor. Is a maid considered an employee? The answer is not simple. Some may consider maid services to be domestic services.

According to The Boston Globe, a border protection chief is facing criminal charges for hiring illegal immigrants as maids. Perhaps a solution for him before hiring these maids could have been to encourage the illegal immigrants to apply for the guest worker program. If they had been approved, they could have been legally employed by him.

How To Clean An Apartment Checklist

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to clean an apartment, this list will walk you through the process step by step.


Dust is inevitable. It comes in through doors through windows, on the bottom of shoes and clothing. Dusting weekly will reduce the need for more serious deep cleanings. Use the right tools, a vacuum cleaner with a long attachment and microfiber cloths will remove the dust from your apartment not just spread it around. Dust the obvious and not so obvious:

[] Table surfaces
[] Chairs
[] Televisions
[] Windowsills
[] Wallpaper
[] Ceiling fans
[] Corner cobwebs


Floors can collect more than dirt, pick up anything that shouldn’t be on the floor and put it in its correct place or room.

[] Vacuum carpets and rugs
[] Mop or wash tile or wood floors (do the kitchen separately)


When you live in a small space, learning how to clean an apartment and keep it clean becomes doubly important; take out the trash as often as possible, daily if you can.

[] Throw away any piles of papers or junk mail
[] Take out kitchen and bathroom trash
[] Replace bags on all waste baskets (its a good idea to leave a few extra bags at the bottom for next time)


The kitchen is probably the toughest room in the apartment to get and keep clean. Do the work upfront and then try to maintain as you go. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

[] Wash the dishes daily (collect any dishes in other rooms)
[] Clean out the refrigerator (thrown away any expired item and old leftovers, wipe clean any spill remnants inside, wipe down the outside and the handle)
[] Clean/scrub countertops
[] Shake out crumbs in toaster
[] Wipe down appliances (including microwave inside and out)
[] Clean/scrub stovetop
[] Clean any obvious spots on the walls
[] Sweep up floor for crumbs and debris
[] Mop or wash floor
[] Scrub sink


The bathroom should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Any longer than that, and it can turn into a disgusting job.

[] Use mildew remover on shower and bath
[] Disinfect the toilet
[] Scrub the sink
[] Mop the floor


The biggest mess maker in the bedroom is probably dirty laundry. Make sure you have a big enough hamper so have a place to put your dirty clothes until laundry day.

[] Change the linens (weekly)
[] Make the bed (daily)
[] Keep trash and dishes out of the bedroom
[] Neatly stack any magazines or reading materials
[] Air out the room (open the windows)

Now that you know how to clean an apartment, you need to ask yourself if you have the right systems set in place to help you keep that apartment looking clean and uncluttered.

Sometimes what your apartment needs is not so much a cleaning, but a decluttering. Do you have stuff in your house that you don’t use, but you can’t seem to let go? Does your apartment feel smaller than when you first moved in? Are you stressed out or embarrassed to have people over? It’s probably time to declutter not clean.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Terraced House

Terraced houses are ubiquitous in many of our towns and cities and look to offer great value. Is this type of property too good to be true? Terraced houses are the UK’s cheapest private market house type, often making them easily affordable for first time buyers and young families. And their increasing popularity has been matched by a steady increase in value. According to a recent Halifax price survey the price of a typical terraced house has risen by 239% in last 10 years compared to an average of 205% for other properties.

In addition to offering great value, this kind of property is easily saleable with this being the preferred property type for residential property investment by landlords. And by a long way.

Terraced houses can be cheaper to run. Most terraced houses have only two external walls which means that they are easier to insulate and keep warm with heat only escaping through the two external walls instead of four with a detached property. You will also find that most older terraced houses are solidly brick built which offers even better insulation properties. But it is not all good news with a terraced house. There are some downsides.

You are quite literally living cheek by jowl with your neighbours and there can be a loss of privacy. It is always worth checking out the sound proofing before you buy and make sure you get on well with the neighbours on either side of you.

It is also likely that you will not have as big a garden as you might enjoy with other property types. Great from a maintenance point of view but maybe not if you have a young family or even pets and want to let them play freely in the garden. Another potential downside is that most terraced houses have rear access to the property through an alley or a passage way. This can be a security issue so check if it is well lit or if access is restricted in any way to residents. These alleys can also become dumping grounds and neglected so make sure it’s kept clean and clear.

This also means that, in the main, anything for the garden will have to come through the house which can at times be messy and awkward. And it is also likely that you will not have a garage or off street parking. This too can be tricky in many ways. Finally remember that if you own a terraced house you share walls with your neighbours on either side. This means that any problems with water leaks, cracks and subsidence in your neighbours’ properties might affect you too. And vice versa of course.

A terraced house can be a great buy dependent on your circumstances. They do make great homes for young families. As with any major purchase, all should be well provided that you keep your eyes open, you know what you are doing and you fully consider all the positives and the negatives.

Central Apartments For Short Stay In Barcelona

The benefits include renting holiday apartments are cheaper, their is not a curfew, and you can come back and visit Barcelona anytime you have the money to fly there. Whether you love Barcelona because of the weather or the fun attractions that your whole family gets involved in, nothing beats having your own place in Barcelona.

Renting apartments is cheaper than staying in hotels because if you were to stay in a hotel, you would have to pay by the night. With apartments, you have to pay one fee every month. Staying in an apartment would still be cheaper than paying a lot of money every night you are there and you may end up staying in Barcelona for a while during the holidays. If you feel as if renting an apartment is too expensive, then you can always make the cost cheaper by having other people come along to Barcelona with you and seeing if all of you can split the cost to the apartment. All of you would have to be on the lease and you can decide how you want to split the cost to make it equal and cheaper for everyone.

Usually when you stay in a hotel you have to be back at a certain time so you will not be noisy and wake everyone up. Some hotels may like the doors if you are not back, and then you will have to go through the lobby to see if someone can let you in. You do not have to worry about that with apartments because the only people that are there are you and your family or other people that you may have invited. Since you have your own key, you can arrive to your apartment as late as you want. Some holidays in Barcelona require you to stay up really late because of the activities they have in the streets.

Another great reason why renting an apartment is better than staying in a hotel is that you have a place to stay when you come back for the next holiday. You may want to wait until you have the money to fly there because that would cost a lot as well as food and any attractions you visit. When you come back, you will not have to pay more money to stay in a hotel and you already have a furnished place. That is another great reason because you can decorate your new apartment to your liking but if you were to stay at a hotel, you have to deal with their beds and decorations.

In an apartment, you can purchase groceries to store in your refrigerator and cabinets so you can cook and you can save money when it comes to going out to eat every night like you would if you were staying at a hotel every day. All these benefits are great reasons to check into apartments so you can see what they look like and check out the prices. It would be better if people were to come along and help you pay it off, but they will get the advantage of staying in an apartment every time they visit Barcelona just like you would.

Real Estate Guide – Is It Good In Order To Buy Property

If you sell real estate, or if perhaps you buy real estate, you rely lenders to lead to the closings happen. This find one that pleasant to both you and your customers, pays appreciation of details, and gets closings done on time, you usually go back over and over again.

Chicken Little is incorrectly recognized! Her common sense approach to protecting the consumer, could be the equivalent to hiding the particular only tall tree in the area to stay dry in the thunder thunderstorm! For those folks who can never predict a tall tree may keep you dry during a buy instagram followers thunder storm, right right up until the lighting kills a person will!

Buying and selling commercial or business property is extremely lucrative in addition as in an upbeat market earning a profit from will difficult. It to possess a vision and thinking beyond the box to extend the associated with such material goods. If the property is old or worn consider redevelopment additional uses for the property. Finding something new for property can thought of win for that community together win for your owner as both entities will to have to make money along with it.

Just hours earlier, Bryce gave her buy instagram followers a sneak peek of her upcoming Ward! Mag spread by posting a scandalous photo of herself in a barbershop, wearing nothing but a black bra and matching panties.

The sellers that receive this are the types that having bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. By you stepping in and ruling the payments, the seller is wanting to preserve their credit score. And often, you will be capable of giving them some bucks up front so they can walk away and invigorate your home.

The recent downturn previously housing market has turned out to everyone right now there is risk involved instantly estate investments. In the past, industry was looked at as a guaranteed funding. People were buying property only to sell it a year later for double the amount. Today, investments aren’t as predictable. An individual more risk involved, but people are nevertheless making money by committing to real estate. How do they exercise? Can you do it? Should you invest in real real estate? To find out solutions to these questions, you’ll need to have a hard from yourself.

“Henny Penny” will end up being actively protect her availability of case the bubble burst, but which is the upside same as coming in out for this rain. “Chicken Little’s” only hope is the benevolence other folks.

Three Reasons To Live In A Apartment Complex

A lot of people have to face the fact that someday they will have to move out of the home they now call their own. Of course some people tend to grow up in the same home for their entire lives but in most cases people will have to switch homes at least once in their lives. However, we are not going to talk about how to move homes here but rather what type of homes to move into; specifically apartment buildings. So if you would like to learn more about apartment buildings and their advantages and disadvantages continue reading this post.

The first reason to move into an apartment building is that apartment buildings are in general cheaper than large houses. Why? because they are smaller and take up less space. Also, it is much easier to find an apartment for sale or rent than it is to find a large home because houses are generally in higher demand because they are harder to be found. Basically, if you only have a couple of people in your household an apartment would be a good option especially if you are a little tight on money at the moment.

The second reason to move into an apartment complex would be the fact that they generally have various facilities that you can use instead of having to travel to where the facilities are located. In other words, let’s say for example that you need a washing machine – your apartment does not have one but the apartment complex has a few public washing machines that you can use. So instead of having to go searching on the streets for a laundry mat you could just go down to where your apartment complex has the washing machines and use them instead. Basically, if a apartment complex has the facilities that you need on a weekly basis it will be quite convenient for you. Let’s take another example, let’s say you like to work out regularly and if you were to live in a house out of the city you would have to travel to the city’s gym in order to get your work out. Most apartment complexes have gyms as well so instead of having to travel to go to the gym all you will have to do is walk down stars. So the second reason why you should live in a apartment complex is because the facilities make living their quite comfortable and convenient.

The third reason why you should live in an apartment complex is quite simple as well; it will be closer downtown. Well, of course it depends which complex you want to live in but in general you can find a cheap apartment to live in which is closer to your workplace than your old home. So either way, if you are interested in apartment buildings i suggest you call Ballantyne realtors and negotiate a good deal. Ballantyne real estate is a respectable company that will help find you great houses or apartments for sale or for rent.

However, be mindful of your neighbors when you live in an apartment because they will hear whats going on inside your apartment if you are loud.

What Are Your Options To Stop House Foreclosure

There are several options open to you when you are looking at ways that you can stop house foreclosure. What those options are vary from situation to situation and involve several factors including your mortgage company, your state’s laws and most importantly, you. So what are some of these options?

A Loan Modification. This can take many different forms. It could be a modification of the interest rate on your loan. It could be a modification to the length of your loan. You are going to need to talk to your mortgage company if you want to try to go this route. You will have to figure out with them what you can qualify for and what will work for your situation in order to stop house foreclosure.

Sell Your Home. This one can get complicated, especially if you owe more on your loan than what the house is currently worth. If you no longer want to live in the house or if you simply cannot afford it anymore, this can be a good option to stop house foreclosure. This works the best when you can sell the house for a profit or can at least not sell it at a loss. If you do owe more on the house than what it can sell for, you are going to have to try to work out a short sale agreement with your mortgage company. This one can get difficult and mortgage companies are often very slow about approving these. Your mortgage company can also simply decide that they are not going to approve it.

Paying the Mortgage Current. This does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. You may be able to workout an arrangement with the mortgage company to pay back what you owe them in installments. Different mortgage companies have different requirements and guidelines for this so you will need to check with your mortgage company to see if this is an option for you to stop house foreclosure. Chances are that this will mean that you have to bring in some extra income for a while so be sure that this is something you can afford.

Finding a way to stop house foreclosure on your home does not have to be difficult. You just need to look at the different options open to you and then actively work with your mortgage company to make it happen.

Guyana Real Estate Listings Are Highly Lucrative In Long-term

Guyana is the third smallest nation in South America, after Uruguay and Suriname. The population is around 770,000, with ethnic groups from India, Europe, Africa, China, and Aboriginals. The official language is English, though Creole is also widely used. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. Agriculture, mining of gold and bauxite, minerals, shrimps, and timber support the Guyana economy. Unfortunately, the country faces serious shortage of skilled labor and the infrastructure is quite deficient. Still, the growth rate had been about 3% or more in the last 3 years. Since many daily life products are imported, cost of living is comparatively higher in Guyana.

Guyana real estate market mainly consists of residential Guyana real estate for sale, commercial properties, and vacation properties. International investors should become familiar with the procedures of buying, selling, exchanging, or renting of real estate in Guyana, to utilize the opportunities offered by this enchanting nation. Residential Guyana real estate listings normally include single family homes that are generally around 3,600 sq. ft. as built up area, excluding terraces and balconies. Guest houses having two large double rooms with shower and another 5 double rooms are the norm. Most guest houses come fully furnished. The prices of such large guest houses range from $200,000 to $250,000.

Guyana real estate commercial properties consist of hotels, inns, lodges, motels, restaurants, office spaces, warehouses, store fronts, and other types of commercial buildings. Guyana vacation properties vary widely in range and size. They are comprised of single family homes, apartments, duplexes, condos, triplexes, townhouses, bungalows, cottages, cabins, mansions, chateaus, villas, manufactured homes, timeshares, vacant lands, and even small islands. International real estate investors could use the services of real estate attorneys, agents and brokers, counselors, salespersons, appraisers, and mortgage brokers. The ideal solution would be the employment of a qualified and reliable real estate attorney, well versed in Guyana real estate laws, throughout the purchase or rental process and use an appraiser in the final stages to value the property in proper fashion. Real estate agents and brokers would assist in purchase, sale, exchange, or rental of properties for a fixed commission.

Guyana real estate laws do not discriminate individual international real estate investors from investing in the properties in Guyana. However, registered companies and other commercial organizations are allowed to buy properties only when licensed by the President of Guyana. The closing costs, fees, etc. had been standardized by the law. The Deeds Registry Fees are 2% of property value towards stamp duties and 0.5% towards conveyance. Fees to the attorney are 1% of the value of the property. If the property is sold and profits are made, then 20% of the profits are payable as Capital Gains Tax. If the property had been owned for more than 25 ears, then the capital gains taxes are not applicable. Hence, the total cost of acquiring Guyana real estate for sale or Guyana rentals is comparatively lesser. The international real estate investors with long-term approaches could easily get very good returns from real estate in Guyana.