Finding an ideal roommate

Finding a neighbour for a joint tenancy can be overwhelming. In this article you will find some tips on how to ask the person to divide the room with you and what to pay attention to.

The decision to rent apartment is a very important decision for you and for the second person, so you first have to trust each other. That is why before finding someone to share a room with, it is worth searching among the people you know well. It will be easier to find a common language with a person you know because probably you share the same interests and even hobbies. However, it’s not always easy to persuade a person to live with you. You should come up with some ideas how to make your proposal as beneficial as possible.

In order to convince the other person to make this responsible decision, to move to another apartment with you, you should tell him or her why your choice is the best in comparison to what they currently have. One of these advantages is the economy. No one will refuse to spend less money on housing if the situation allows. This is the case, because to share the rent for two will be beneficial for both of you. And you can save the money and spend it on something more important and useful.

Think what features of character your potential roommate wants to see you as an ideal neighbor. For example, a neighbor must be trustworthy, the one who will not touch things without asking, punctual, the one who will pay the rent on time, a neat person, the one who will take care of your dwelling. Ask yourself whether you have any of these qualities. It’s also important to be able to deal with conflicts. Living together is not that easy. You might have different views on one problem and conflict situations are inevitable. It is necessary to know how to resolve these situations properly.

Establish joint rules of living. It’s important to arrange such necessary questions as rent, cleaning and cooking. You should decide in what period of time you will pay the rent, what time you will go to sleep if you can invite friends to the house, on what days you will do general cleaning apartments, etc. You should do this before you move in together to ensure that these rules are suitable for both of you. Arrange a few days of testing, invite a prospective neighbor in his apartment and try to live together for several days. So that you could better know each other.

Give time to your neighbor to think things through and make a decision. It is not necessary to rush them, as indeed the decision is not as simple. In addition, and you will have time to try to find someone else. This will help you find the perfect roommate.

Of course, it’s much easier to find a good roommate Toronto or roommate Montreal using some internet services, but all in all, it’s worth asking your friends and acquaintances whether someone is also looking for a roommate to share their apartment with.

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