Three Things You Should Know About Finding Investment Opportunities

Whether you are a beginning or experienced investor, there is a wealth of investment opportunities available to you. From putting your money into a newly constructed hotel in the middle of downtown London to investing in a commercial property in Chicago, there are opportunities everywhere you look.

While this can certainly be an advantage for those who want to invest and eventually turn a strong profit, it also makes locating the best investments much more difficult. Here is a look at a few things that you should know about finding investment opportunities.

Strong Opportunities Are Often Found in Specialist Publications

One of the first things that you should be aware of about investing, especially if you are a beginner in the field, is that it seems as though everyone has an opinion about what investments you should make. The amount of information that you will find and receive about investment opportunities can be extremely overwhelming.

If you want to decipher which opportunities are optimal, your best bet is to start with specialist publications. Both offline and online investment publications, such as the JLL, list several investment opportunities.

While these opportunities may not offer a great return, they are generally very safe since the publication avoids risking the trust of their readers by providing bad information. If you are a new investor, specialist publications are definitely a great first place to start looking for opportunities.

Networking is Necessary for Long Term Investment Success

If you really want to succeed in the investing world over the long term, it is essential to create a network of investors with whom you can build business relationships. In many cases, the best investment opportunities are often ones presented to you by someone within your network.

When you are first getting started, focus your efforts on getting to know other investors and getting an idea of what their portfolios look like. While they may not want to divulge too much information, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions in order to set the stage for a business relationship or partnership down the road.

Conferences Are the Best Place for Networking and Finding Opportunities

While there are several different ways that you can find investment opportunities, one of the best ways to attend conferences. These conferences generally feature a wide range of investors, real estate developers, and startup business owners pitching their ideas to the masses.

Not only is this a chance to hear about investment opportunities, but it also puts you in a great position to network with other investors. You can often find a list of conferences throughout the world by checking out a specialist publication.

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European Net Initiative Draws Controversy

European Net Initiative Draws Controversy By Adam Eisner

May 24, 2001 One year ago this week, the European Commission met to ratify an initiative aimed at eventually creating an one that would create a foundation to bring safe, quality Internet access to homes, businesses and schools alike.

The rationale of the Commission was that the European Union (EU) was playing a losing game of catch up to its North American counterparts in terms of Internet use and connectivity, something which in turn had an effect on the economy of the entire EU.

Realizing Europe had the potential to use the Internet far more to its advantage on both social and economic levels, the Commission drew up a plan that was composed of three essential objectives to be implemented by 2002:

1. A cheap, fast and secure Internet. This entailed providing businesses, schools and consumers with cheaper and faster Internet access, improving the Internet for researchers and students, and providing secure networks and developing smart card technology.

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2. Spending time to invest in people and their skills. This part of the plan called to introduce youth into the digital age, working in the knowledge based economy and participation for all in the knowledge based economy.

3. Internet use, including accelerating the progress of e commerce in Europe and providing improved online access to government information and services.

One year after introducing the plan, there are differing opinions as to how successful it has been thus far. Many companies believe there is still much work to be done. Ebone, the network and hosting division of European broadband services company Global Telesystem, says European governments have failed to implement any of the plan to date, thereby damaging the business potential of Ebone, whose networks serve 25 percent of all European Internet users, and the economy as a whole.

In an industry address earlier this month, Ebone president and COO Duncan Lewis said that the inability of European governments to implement the recent eEurope initiative and other broadband related legislation had hampered the ability of the Internet to grow in Europe. the dot com crash, some observers have lost sight of the essential fact that broadband and Internet technologies will still bring huge business and social benefits to Europe, he said. unless governments and regulators take urgent action to unblock the broadband bottleneck by implementing legislation that bands overpricing and discrimination, many of those benefits will be realized too late or not at all.

Lewis also cited new evidence from research firm the Yankee Group, which says businesses in Europe pay up to 150 times more for local broadband access than North American businesses despite the fact that associated costs are only twice as high. situation persists despite decade old legal commitments by European governments? on the urgency of making local broadband connectivity cheaper and easier to access, he said.

Some places have decided to rectify the issue of connectivity on their own. For example, the Irish government recently struck a deal with connectivity provider Global Crossing, allowing the city to sponsor the construction of a transatlantic fibre optic cable connecting New York to Dublin. Companies like London based Web hosting company Worldport, who rely on vast quantities of redundant bandwidth, jumped at the opportunity to get on board. to that project being completed, everybody had to go through London to get back across the Atlantic to the United States, said Worldport CFO John Hanson .

The Commission, however, contests that the plan is starting to take shape. Earlier this year, the European Commission conducted a review of the plan and mapped out the challenges ahead. Commission member Erkki Liikanen, who presented the findings of the review to the Commission, said there had already been significant improvement in the state of the Internet in Europe.

have made a lot of progress since [drafting the initiative] and much has already been achieved, he said. year 2000 was the year of real breakthrough of Internet in Europe. Among the findings was that the number of Internet users in Europe had increased substantially. According to the report presented to the Commission, penetration in European households grew by 55% between March and October last year. now has about as many Internet users as the USA, it said.

The Commission also said that more had to be done about security. is proposed to start by establishing an warning system ensuring information exchange on security threats between Member States, the report said. preventive measure will use, in its initial phase, the structure of existing information exchange mechanisms.

It is difficult at this point to determine whether or not the plan will ever be fully implemented after all, there is still a year left to go. However, one thing is for certain: Internet usage is on the rise on all fronts. And as more people get connected, more hardware, software, bandwidth and security will be required. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for the economy of the EU remains to be seen.

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euNetworks Launches Low Latency Route from London to Frankfurt

The announcement follows last November connection to the NASDAQ OMX Europe trading platform, providing ultra low latency and high availability connectivity to Europe financial community.With one of the shortest routes in the market, euNetworks is uniquely optimized for connectivity into multilateral trading facilities and key data centers.The new route will help to further demonstrate euNeworks in house capability, as the company continues to develop ultra low latency connectivity networks to support the bandwidth needs of its growing financial customer base.The London to Frankfurt route marks the second phase in the development of euNetworks network dedicated to the financial services community.Subscribe to WHIR Newsletters Get Our Exclusive Report on "The Hosting Infrastructure Ecosystem".Combined with the recently deployed Slough to London route, the new route allows customers to avoid unnecessary carrier points of presence and deliver industry leading latencies for direct exchange to exchange connectivity.euNetworks network development program will offer access to the euTrade service portfolio which offers customized solutions with on demand connectivity between all major Stock Exchanges and clearing houses across Europe.These services will range from dedicated fiber, to wavelengths and Ethernet based Frankfurt remains a key low latency route for the trading market, says Brady Rafuse, CEO of euNetworks. caliber of companies who are already live on this new euNetworks route and our Slough route, and the continuing demand our team sees, is clear demonstration of our strong position in the market today. I am excited for the opportunity ahead as we continue to support this important sector with further ultra low latency route developments, optimisation in the metro, and a network dedicated specifically to their requirements.

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Best Reasons You Should Keep Your Seo In-house Instead Of Outsourcing

Best reasons you should keep your SEO In-house instead of outsourcing

Some SEO companies may be grappling with whether to use in-house SEO or outsource out their operations. SEO companies may save money by having their own in-house SEO operations. This way, they do not have to pay other experts to do SEO projects and it may be cheaper for in-house teams because they already have the tools needed to complete a professional analysis, keyword search and launch a successful keyword campaign. This is not the only reason why having in-house SEO operations may save SEO companies money and increase any SEO companies based in London profits that have their own in-house operations.

Did you also know this is not the only reason why SEO companies in London have an advantage if they use their own experts, as oppose to hiring out work? By keeping operations in-house, SEO companies in London are able to dedicate time to work on one clients project at a time. Unlike a smaller SEO company that may outsource work, the firm that receives the work may work on multiple clients work at a time.

SEO experts working for companies based in London use latest skills

By having an in-house team, SEO companies in London can ensure their SEO experts are continually learning and costs are kept down. Outsourcing teams may cost a business owner more than simply depending on any SEO companies in London that have in-house facilities and unless operations are in-house, it may be hard to know if a SEO company practices white hat SEO.

An outsourced SEO team may not be as equipped to handle the type of larger scale projects that any in-house SEO companies London are more equipped to undertake. They can also focus on building up larger projects. Another added advantage to having an in-house team is that a company head does not have to worry about new team members who may not work well together. With an in-house team, you can ensure that you have a team that works well together and all members of the team know each other.

What You Need To Know About Royal Opera House Tickets

For a lot of tourists, a trip to London isn’t complete if they don’t visit the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. The home of Britain’s Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera, the Royal Opera House is acknowledged to be the main opera venue of London, and is also considered as a historical landmark in its own right. Because of its prestige, a lot of people are hesitant to inquire about Royal Opera House tickets, thinking that it is impossible to get these. While there are performances that are sold out, it is still quite possible to get Royal Opera House tickets, if you know where to look.

Royal Opera House tickets can be bought from the official Royal Opera House website. The Box Office can also be called to make the reservations. While it is possible to go to the Royal Opera House to book the tickets, walk-ins are usually not allowed, although standby seats may be sold about four hours before a performance. Some tickets may also be sold if the performance is unlikely to be sold out. Alternative sources of Royal Opera House tickets are scalpers (who may offer the tickets outside the theater before a performance) or ticket agencies. However, both sources usually sell prices at elevated costs, and since they don’t have guaranteed tickets, it is not advisable to rely on them to get your Royal Opera House tickets from. Another way that you can get Royal Opera House tickets is if you stay at the hotel in Covent Garden, as the concierge can make the ticket reservations for you.

Depending on the performance and the time when you bought the ticket, the price can range from 5 to over 150 pounds. Operas that are more likely to appear to a younger audience are usually much cheaper than those that aren’t. It is possible to get discounts if you are a student or otherwise unemployed.

Reasons to Get an Apartment in London for the Holidays

Instead of checking in at a hotel during your stay, consider booking a rental for a holiday apartment. London is a vast place to explore. There are countless monuments to see, alleys full of shops to go to, and attractions to witness. You would enjoy being in it more if you have your very own place to crash. Here are a number of reasons for you to get an apartment during your vacation.

You need the pampering.

A serviced apartment is just like a hotel. It has furnished areas and awesome amenities. Most of the ones made available in London are quite ideal for those who are on the lookout for a vacation. With elegantly decorated quarters coupled with top-of-the-line furniture, you’d surely have a worthwhile stay.

You can luxuriously stay indoors with your family.

Because the lofts are typically complete with modern stuff, you and your loved ones will be invited to spend time inside and just bond with each other. After a day or two of being out and about, you may sit back and mindlessly have fun. You may schedule an entire day for watching TV, playing games on your consoles, reading, catching up on each other’s lives, or just about anything you feel like.

You can bring your pet.

If you own a dog or a cat, you would adore the fact that there won’t be limitations. Most hotels do not allow animals inside their establishments. For a pet lover, the holidays may be less amusing. If you’re going to shack up in an apartment, you can be beside your little furry friend all the time.

You can save on the costs.

It’s more practical to rent your own place than to station at a hotel. Depending on a particular fancy establishment, a few days’ stay may amount to an entire month in a loft. If you’re not planning to lurk for more than a couple of weeks, you should still consider getting a short stay apartment London. You wouldn’t want to find yourself bankrupt while in it.

You will feel like it’s your own home.

You may be deprived of fancy room service if you choose to crash in an apartment but in a way, it’s a good thing. It allows you to be more responsible just like the usual. Because there won’t be anyone else to do your laundry, prepare your meals, attend to housekeeping, and many more, you would find it comforting that even if you’re a million miles away from home, it’s as if you never even left it.

You would consider your stay in London fulfilling if you experience what it’s like to have your own home. Renting an apartment will allow you to let loose however you wish. Unlike checking in at a fancy establishment which may impose terse guidelines, you’d have less freedom. When in it, you won’t have strict rules to keep in mind. A holiday will definitely be a great one if it’s going to be spent lavishly and comfortably.

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What To Consider When Investing In Serviced Apartments

Most of the people have a tendency to regard serviced apartments as home property. Howeve, they’re not. As serviced apartments are built on commercial land, they come with commercial land titles.

As such, should there be any dispute between the buyer and the developer; it will not be settled via the Housing Tribunal. It must be settled in a civil court.

Maybe it is because of recently more developers have been building serviced apartments or just exploited the term serviced apartments as a selling trick to draw in buyers. I have come to grasp of a project where the developer launched as serviced apartments situated under commercial land. But on enquiring about the service render to the owners expected of a serviced apartments, I was told that there is not any service to be rendered and the supposed serviced apartments are precisely the same as any other lofts with the ordinary facilities like pool, gym, tennis court, etc. So take care and check correctly before you purchase a serviced apartment and do not be tricked by the term used.

At first , these apartments were built to supply a substitute for a hotel, with all of the comforts of home for managers having to work in cities and towns for periods longer than a week or two. These fashionable serviced apartments are appealing particularly to expats as stylish hotel possible choices with home-away-from-home interiors, mixing hotel facilities with home comforts.

Today, many have selected to call serviced apartments “home”. In major cities like New York, London and Paris, serviced apartments in great locations offer one of the most complex urban lifestyles available. The demand is so high that in some examples, even previous economic buildings in desirable locations have been redecorated into sleek serviced apartments. Many describe these apartments as being “urban chic”. I’ve seen some extremely enticing transformations, incorporating high ceiling heights ( above 4 metres ) with exposed slabs and beams and quality modern materials – terrazzo tiles, stainless-steel, deep timbers and resins contrasting with classical elements like backlit marble. Pluses include linkage to signature eateries and some can even use adjoining hotel facilities, i.e. concierge service, twenty four hour room service, housekeeping, even valet parking!

The prestige, a modern life-style with wireless broadband connection and integrated smart home systems, exclusive club facilities including swimming pools with fitness centers, sauna, steam and massage rooms, business centers and lobby lounges, high technology security features, and convenience are fueling interest in serviced studios, particularly for many young working executives and expatriates in the city.

All of these facilities, naturally, come at a price, which is in the shape of a monthly service charge and sinking fund. Depending on the level of luxury, the monthly service charge and sinking fund per square foot can range between moderate to high cost. It is recommended to build this into the rental for simple monitoring of costs.