1 min ago

      Men (Still) Can’t Handle Women Earning More Than They Do

      In households where the women earns more, both partners lie about his income You’ve heard — I hope — about the gender pay gap. That…
      5 mins ago

      Google was just hit with the world’s biggest antitrust fine ever — a whopping $5 billion

      Google was fined 4.3 billion euros (US$5 billion) by the European Union and ordered to change the way it puts…
      9 mins ago raises $11M to bring real-time analytics to the edge | #VentureCanvas

      Frederic Lardinois | TechCrunch Startups Once upon a time, it looked like cloud-based serviced would become the central hub for…
      33 mins ago

      Some recent employment-law court decisions wrapped up: Howard Levitt

      Every month, for the past 33 years, I have reviewed every employment law case from coast to coast, summarizing the…

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