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No. Start deserving miracles.

This last month and a half I got an incredible amount of things for free: I got a huge van (because my biggest dream is living in a van) and after a week it was decorated with summery curtains, blankets, books that people gave me. I can live in it, traveling “beautiful British Columbia” and stopping whenever I see gorgeous places. I open the side door and use the van’s floor, or I take a blanket outside, and start making art that I will sell. The passersby stop and ask me with genuine curiosity who I am, what’s my story, they appreciate my life and my art, they give me useful contacts and tips. They make me feel very cool and therefore puzzled!

The bowl I painted yesterday, made of paper mache: flour (that I got as a present) and newspapers.

In order to buy gas, food and sometimes a shower, I started accepting a larger flow of money in my life. This could be surprising, because I’ve been rejecting money for the last 15 months. 15 months of nonstop traveling, always with as little as possible: it’s been my “rehab”. I grabbed the “demon of money” and place it were it belongs, in the not-spirited category of things. There is no power in money, I have full power on it. This is one of the greatest achievement of my life.

Anyway, I don’t feel like owning any “valuable” good: it’s like trying to catch water in your hands and it’s supposed to be like so. Money and things have to flow, to get used, to get ditched, otherwise they become an evil devil, not handy tools anymore but something that scares people and creates stupid power games. I’m pretty sure the more you let go and give the more you achieve and receive. Non-possession sounds completely nonsense to many, especially if you’re afraid of socialism (I’m not into political labels, maybe I’m anarchist, I don’t really care) but my feeling of complete freedom comes from this, so I consider it genial.

15 months and I find myself enriched by a worldwidespread family of friends and supporters. 15 months ago I thought already one friend required so much work! I did not want to have so many demanding elements (aka, relationships) in my life! So how did it all happen? I stopped trying to please people. Paradoxical and surprising. Now people are adorable and I seem to be someone that people like. They look in my eyes with curiosity and give me wonderful smiles.

Life IS good. I promise.

When money and possession have no power on you, giving/receiving a present is the most feasible form of miracles.

If you got inspired by this story, you make me feel accomplished, honored and grateful. Hit the little heart below, or buy me a coffee!

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