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5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Selling The House Fast In California

5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Selling The House Fast In California

Selling a house is a big financial and emotional trauma for every seller. After listing the house for sale in the market, how fast do you expect it to get sold? A week? A couple of weeks? A few months? Or a year?

Certainly a week, right? But, all the properties won’t zip from listing to contract in a matter of days. Sell my house fast in California, generally takes 5 days to 106 days. Surprisingly, there is a wide variation that’s due to the several factors. Out of which, some are in the control of the seller and some not.

For instance: The high strength of the local economy, low inventory of homes for sale in the market, and high-income growth pumps up the house value and the seller will get the right price for the house quickly and easily.
But, it’s observed that the companies which buy the house for cash in no time, generally pays 60% of the house actual worth or quite below the market value. It hurts the sellers’ bottom line, which signals that the sellers require to be proactive and follow the tips.

Quick House Sale

Take a look at what are the do’s and Don’ts of selling the house quickly:


– Lock yourself in with the best realtor

A realtor is the best person in the quick house sale journey who can either make the process hassle-free or frustrating and disappointing. The decision of hiring the realtor is very crucial that must be taken prudently. In the market, 70% of the house can be sold quickly, but due to the employment of the inefficient realtor, the house won’t get sold quickly and at the best price.

When you start looking for the realtor, it’s necessary to do all the homework that includes- search for the agency that has a great history of success, has a good exposure and proactive plan, good know-how of the local market, gives full attention to the house sale, and most importantly must be trust-able.

All the information can be found out by asking some questions to the realtor or getting connected with the seller whose house is sold by the same realtor, as he may reveal many secrets.
– Competitive market analysis

During listing, the major hurdle comes is in the pricing of the house. But, how it can be accomplished because different buyers or realtors value the house differently. The seller cannot trust them blind-folded. What are the measures that help in computing the price of the house? That’s competitive market analysis.

After the analysis, the house value is neither overpriced nor under priced as after taking a broad market overview into the consideration, the actual worth of the house is decided. In this evaluation, the size, condition, age, amenities and area of the house is compared intelligently and then the sales price is assessed.

– Prepare the house for top dollars

Not to say, but how the house looks, plays a vital role in making the prospective buyers interested and digging a deep hole in the buyer’s pocket. The house can be made look beautiful with deep cleaning, fixing the repairs, adding a neutral design and giving a finishing touch.

The seller must fix the repairs, even if they are little before listing the house because the small damages, stains, loose wallpaper, cracks and more creates a bad image of the house. The seller must inspect the home from interior and exterior, and then head on to rectify the issues.

Additionally, keep the house clean from inside and out as you never know when the buyer will be standing next to your door. Neutralize the house look with wall repainting, carpet replacing and furnishing that matches with the taste of the most of the buyers.


– Scare the buyer with overpricing

Sometimes, the sellers sell the house at super fast speed by cutting its price quite below the house worth, but that impacts the profit and at the end left the seller himself unsatisfied. On the other hand, there are some sellers who highly price the home in a bid to get the maximum profit alongside leaving a room for the bargaining. But, that’s not a healthy practice and may turn away the interested buyers.

Overpricing and underpricing are the biggest killers. Don’t employ the both practices.

Instead, price the home rightly as per the current market conditions, the value of the property in your neighborhood, how furnished the house is, the extra space in the basement or garage and so forth. It’s a valid measure of the property the seller wants to sell.

– Considering the passive marketing approach

Gone are the days when traditional advertising such as yard signs, billboards, conventional ads, and TV ads, help in impressing and finding the potential buyers with a fast home offer. These all are the marketing approach that won’t work anymore and even accounts for just 5% of the market sale.

The modern marketing approach is completely different. The seller needs to capture the glossy pictures of the house, market the house on leading real estate’ websites, hire the best realtor and sell the house to the fast home sale companies.

Finally, lock the deal…

Drawing the attention of potential buyers in the blood-thirsty competition is a big deal that can only be cracked when the seller works smartly after understanding the modern buyer’s point of view. Follow the do’s and don’ts of the fast home sale that benefits both the seller and buyer. Do you know any more secrets of selling the house at speed? If so, do share with us in the comments below.

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Mr. James Bowie was a realtor with more than 10 years of experience in closing the deals in the California. Presently, he is associated with a company that enables sellers to sell my house fast in California and gets cash in hand quickly.

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