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Innovating in Commercial Real Estate With Interactive Aerial Content: HPI Cities

At Hangar, we’re focused on building a robust ecosystem of technology to drive value from a combination of robotics, sensor deployment, visual intelligence and aerial data. To do this, we work with forward-thinking companies from across industry to build solutions that help solve their needs. We develop our products and interfaces hand-in-hand with the companies driving their professions forward.

One of Hangar’s first markets was commercial real estate, where we partnered with HPI Real Estate Services & Investments, a full-service commercial real estate firm with twenty-five years of experience as developers, managers, and owners of commercial real estate. Teams from both Hangar and HPI sat down, looked at the aerial content landscape, and asked “how can streamlined interfaces, web experiences and interactive content help better serve commercial real estate?”.

Together, we’re proud to present HPI Cities, a marquee example of how the Hangar platform and products can be used as a tool to fully showcase a commercial real estate companies portfolio, and key individual projects within it. HPI Cities will allow visitors to interact with 360-degree imagery for each of HPI’s properties, all housed within an interactive map showcasing their entire portfolio, viewable here. HPI team members can interact with and share the content easily in their everyday workflows, and the entire experience is optimized for modern handheld and desktop devices.

“Hangar’s data-rich aerial content is helping us raise the standard for CRE marketing. Although drones are not new to real estate, with Hangar, we were able to reduce both turnaround times and marketing costs on similar services compared to non-autonomous drone companies. Their autonomous flight engine and logistics platform allow us to repeatedly acquire beautiful, insightful aerial imagery as we enter the next 25 years of our company’s history.”

Kent Lance, HPI co-founder and partner.

The solutions that Hangar provides for industry aren’t just about data, they’re about products and interfaces that drive true value to industry by making intelligent decision-making quicker and easier both inside businesses, and for those businesses’ clients. Below are examples of the different Hangar products found within HPI Cities, showcasing key HPI properties.

Pre-Vis 360 rendering

Give clients the ability to be visualize and interact with your building design like never before. By integrating your 3D project rendering into an interactive 360 aerial photo, clients can zoom in and around the building in real time as if the building were actually there and get a true lay of the land from all angles of the project.

Pre-Vis Aerial video

Create an engaging, high-impact visual experience of your future project, showcasing it and the surrounding area from a bird’s eye view. By utilizing a preplanned mission, autonomous flight and processing workflow, we are able to quickly and easily depict your project inside a high-resolution 60 second aerial video of nearby points of interest and amenities, combined with your 3D building imagery, for a realistic final product.

Enhanced 360 Photos

A high quality interactive 360 degree photo of a property, shot from 300ft above providing better perspective of the surrounding area. Enhanced 360 photos include up to 5 callouts of area amenities.

Aerial Flyover Videos

Compliment the marketing efforts of your existing property listings in a unique way or showcase investment sales properties and the surrounding area in a broader perspective using our Aerial Flyover videos. Shot from various angles from 300ft above, we can create a professionally edited 45–90 second video that establishes the location of a property as well as the features of the surrounding area.

Aerial Dashboard

The Aerial Dashboard is an innovative, interactive map platform that allows brokers, investors and tenants to visualize property content in one place. These responsive, mobile friendly maps provide eye catching imagery on desktops, mobile devices or tablets.

The customizable Aerial Dashboard map allows you to easily filter attributes to display specific property listings and navigate from one property to another. Simply click on a map-listing icon to view information-rich, 360-degree panoramas, aerial videos and other relevant property multimedia information.

Integrate the Aerial Dashboard directly in your existing website platforms as an interactive map featuring your desired property listings. Visitors on your website can engage with properties in many different ways, including the ability to pan over the surrounding areas of each property for a more detailed view of the neighborhood.

A still screenshot from inside a 360 photo of a development project being tracked with Hangar’s technology.

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Our goal at Hangar for CRE clients is to enable remarkable aerial content for commercial properties from high rise office buildings to expansive industrial facilities. Brokerages can leverage this technology to virtually showcase their properties and highlight area amenities. By using video flyovers and interactive 360 photos, brokers can broaden tenant and investor perspectives by providing unique angles to visualize the size of a property, adjacent buildings, roadway access and special features of a property or development. We host web optimized versions of the captured content to allow easy integration and deployment across sites, social media and online listing services. Hangar aerial assets can also be delivered in formats most suitable for various marketing systems.

Interested in our commercial real estate solutions? Get in touch with our team here or via

Looking to build our a custom program to integrate aerial data solutions for your team into a new niche or industry? We’re always looking for lighthouse partners who are looking to be on the cutting edge of implementation to drive results before the competition. Contact us here for more information.

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