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Commendable Projects of Louis Gerard Saliot in South Pacific Region

EuroAsia Group

The South Pacific region consists of countries with beautiful places and potential for development of tourism industry. The tourism industry is growing fast in different parts of the world. To attract tourists from various regions, development of infrastructures and hubs are needed. Realising this potential, many countries are trying hard to build leisure destinations near the sea and hill stations. But, making tourist centres require planning and market study. Not to mention the enormous amount of financial investment required in the process and develop world-class hubs.

Gerard Saliot is one of the most famous figures in the tourism projects development and management industry. He has worked 35 years developing real estate projects associated with different capacities. Realising the potential demand of tourism hubs, he had founded the Euro-Asia Management Group in 1994. The company specialises in the building and management of leisure and hospitality projects in South Pacific regions.

EuroAsia has been involved in the construction of many projects in these areas. Saliot has been mandated to create the tourism development master plan in Bali, Indonesia. It is also known as the Cakrawala Residence — a top place for spending holiday and leisure destination. The hub is the car free environment with integrated spa, resorts, kid clubs, and performing numerous adventure activities. In fact, all these things are required in the place to transform into a world-class hub.

Impressed by the work of this project, the International Labour Organisation has mandated another project — the creation of tourism master plan in East Java. The services offered by the group in this project are feasibility, economic assumption, financing, design, and other things associated with it.

EuroAsia is closely associated with the development of hotels and restaurant in the tourist places around the globe. That is why Louis Gerard Saliot has created Hotel Modular Development (HMD) a joint venture with Teamworx and Team Module, to develop finest quality interior and hotel rooms.

In all these projects, the love, passion and dedication of Saliot are present. He has worked selflessly for the development and promotion of these projects globally.

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