Is Society Ready for Trillionaires?

In 2011 a user on Bitcoin Talk bought $3000 worth of Bitcoin. It’s now worth about $900M, a pretty impressive ROI for 6 years. But, one has to wonder: How much will their investment be worth in 10 years? 20? 50? Could we see an emergence of trillionaires from the shadows of the internet in the near future?

A question that should be on everyone’s mid is how many others are like him? How many other people have bought an enormous amount of Bitcoins and kept them all this time? If we are worried about the class income gap now, how will it be handled in the future?

Bitcoin is designed to be a currency that replaces all currencies; something everyone in all corners of the world can use (with the correct tools). In 2016 there was around 14 million Bitcoin wallets. That’s only 0.18% of the world population. We should also factor in that there could be multiple wallets per person, so the figure has a chance to be even smaller.

You must also factor in that there are tons of other cryptocurrencies being bought and created, most waiting to bring impressive and futuristic ideas to the world just as important as Bitcoin. In the grand scheme of things if you hold onto your Bitcoin (really any half-decent cryptocurrency with a mission) for a long enough period you will probably become a millionaire.

Bitcoin has a near infinite ceiling. The reason for this outlandish viewpoint is because right now Bitcoin is being exchanged for fiat currencies, so it’s not really a currency yet (at least not for the greater population of the world). For instance, if you went to buy a hotdog and you asked the cashier for their Bitcoin address they’d probably look at you funny. This isn’t a bad thing, but instead a natural occurrence. Before the mass adoption of gold you probably couldn’t trade it for food or items at your local bazaar. The regular citizen couldn’t feed themselves with a hunk of metal, so they thought of it as useless. The same thing happened with paper money and even credit and debit cards.

It might be a far reach to say Bitcoin has an infinite ceiling, but I hope it does put Bitcoin’s adoption in perspective. We are in the middle (or maybe even the start) of an extremely small but important blip in time. If (and that if is heavily underlined) the human race survives for more than 200 years your great-great-great grandchildren (or whatever generation will be alive then) will be eternally thankful for your investment of $25 here and there.

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