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Last safeguard for Taylor Swift has told he saw a DJ she blames for harassment. The reason for such statements was the incident that occurred in 2013 during pre-concert meet-and-greet photo session.

According to Dent, he was a few steps away from Swift at the photo-op. He noticed everyone who came in and left. Thus, he caught sight of David Mueller groping pop-singer under her skirt. But this happened a moment before a staff photographer took a photo of Swift, Mueller and Mueller’s then-girlfriend.

In his opinion, photo shows the star, trying to run away from Mueller. In the contrary, Swift testified the photo captured the exact moment she was groped.

On Thursday Swift described in detail of what happened. Mueller’s lawyer was curious, how she felt after  him losing his job at a radio station following their encounter.

That was her answer:

I’m not going to allow you or your client make me feel in any way that this is my fault. Here we are years later, and I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are the product of his decisions – not mine.

The trial will be lasting nearly two weeks. Swift’s team informed about  the alleged assault to his chiefs at a country music station. He demands payment of $3m, saying the allegation cost him his job and reputation.

Mueller told jurors Tuesday:

Our hands touched and our arms touched.

This contiguity lasts no more than 40 seconds. Also Mueller believes that photo with his hand is “weird and awkward.” On the image we can see Mueller’s arm bellow Swift’s waist, but one can not consider whose hand is visible in the image.

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