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‘American Dollar’ — mixed media — Giancarlo Piccin

As I sit here wading through receipts and invoices and transactions that need to be sorted, I can’t help but ruminate on an endless conversation I’ve been engaged in for years:

Money And The Arts — Money And Artists

Sadly, I’ve witnessed a ton of resentment and defeat and fear on this topic recently, via posts on social media and private exchanges that I’ve been engaged in. And it makes my heart ache.

I don’t know what the solutions are, but I DO know that honest conversation and shared truths are a great way to begin.

So I’ve decided to write about a few ‘money myths’ that I continually observe in the arts, and I will share them as posts during the next week or so.

Maybe these posts will attract hundreds of rich gazillionaires who will contact me and ask: “Where should I send my cheque to ease the existence and pursuance of beauty by artists in Toronto?!” *takes moment to dream*

Or maybe they will just get some of us talking about our financial realities as artists.

And maybe that will lead to change.


Today’s Stats:

Pages of Financial Transactions Sorted: 42

Times I Questioned My Life Choices While Faced With Numerous Receipts From McDonald’s: so, so many

Bags Of Chips Consumed While Questioning These Choices: 1

Guilt Level Regarding The Bag Of Chips: zero

Shots of Rye Consumed: numerous (Giancarlo was pouring …)

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