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Nature doesn’t have a voice. It can only point at changes in the environment that can threaten it. The highest positions  usually overlook or deny these problems.

New T-shirt can help you show support for the planet. In a such way you «wear  climate change» on a sleeve. Chemically-reactive fashion brand The Unseen was designed for the World Environment Day. It has partnered with The Lost Explorer in order to create a T-shirt  that is able to change colour to reflect the pH balance of water. In particular, the cotton and hemp shirts, scoured in red cabbage, reflect the acidic and alkaline values found in local water.

Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, says that creating a T-shirt to demonstrate climate change was:

trying to use material science and platforms like fashion to talk about important subjects. It’s an easy platform to express complex issues without sounding like a psycho.

Lauren is famous for her works  in colour-changing hair dyes and clothing. She is a material alchemist. One of her goals is creating a natural pH indicator in which complex or harmful chemicals are not used.

Red cabbage juice contains anthocyanin and can be used as a pH indicator. These emissions usually come from mining and smelting operations or fossil fuel combustion. Wastewater discharge that contains detergents and soap-based products can also cause a water source to become too basic. So the T-shirts, by changing colour, are a really good way of figuring out the state of the local water.

The Cabbage Project was created to show how scientists and creatives are able work together  to take a political stand. Firstly, the idea for colour-changing, climate change T-shirts appeared as response to Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement.


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