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Renting A House Vs Renting An Apartment in Denver CO

Wanting to rent a place in Denver CO?

Renting and want to know the difference between renting a house vs renting an apartment in Denver?

In this article we’re going to cover the difference between renting a house vs renting an apartment and go in depth on the pros and cons of the two. It’s not a one sized fit’s all approach so we hop this is helpful in the end.

As you already know, rents in Denver keep rising but there’s more rentals than properties to buy. The competition is fierce. Doesn’t matter if it’s a house, townhouse, condo or mobile home either.

If you’re unsure about area, start by checking out 5280’s “The 25 Best Places To Live in Denver Right Now” for a head start!

Renting An Apartment

You can explore all over Denver and find many great apartments. Depending on where you live you may run into the lifestyle vs apartment size dilemma. With the massive amount of construction going on you should be fine. You’ve probably found new apartment complexes with all kinds of amenities.

You’ve also probably found apartments that may seem like you’re living in the ghetto. Some areas need more development than others.

The Pros Of Renting An Apartment:

  • Rent is cheaper with an apartment
  • Services such as water, trash are included in the rent
  • Maintenance is taken care of by property management
  • More availability
  • A gym, pool, rec center, office space and internet are provided
  • Usually private parking will be included (no more looking for a space!)

The Cons Of Renting An Apartment:

– You may be able to hear what your neighbors are doing
 — It’s hit or miss on if there’s an elevator (moving will be hard)
 — The parking is included but it could be very narrow
 — All amenities are shared (nothing is on your own time)

And Renting A House

When things we’re in a down market you had more availability of houses on the market so there was much less competition for one house. Now when you talk about renting a house vs renting an apartment you have to get very, very specific about the differences. If much more than lifestyle today.

Here’s some Pros for renting local houses:

  • More sqft included in the property
  • You don’t hear your neighbors (unless it’s a party)
  • You can make it more your own home
  • You’ll actually have a yard, front and back!
  • Easier to get to know neighbors and community
  • Utilities most likely will be paid for
  • May have a garage (or at least on street parking)

Here’s some Cons for renting local houses:

  • Expect to do more maintenance than an apartment
  • There are much, much less houses available
  • Going to cost more per month and up front
  • Beware of street sweeping from April to November

What is going to be a good fit for you in Denver?

It’s very difficult to say if one is better than the other especially if we’re only talking about Denver. Some love the city life of living in an apartment and don’t have children. Some have a family and love being left alone in quiet areas. It all boils down to personal preference and things change over time.

Not sure what to do and can’t make a decision?

If you’re still unsure about renting a house vs renting an apartment, remember most things in life are temporary. Especially when it comes to where you live. You’re not going to be stuck in an apartment or house for the rest of your life unless you make it that way. Although we believe Denver is the best city in Colorado (our humble opinion), you can always try different areas of Colorado like Fort Collins or Colorado Springs too.

Go explore and have fun in the process. If you want to rent in an apartment, is a one year lease going to make or break you? Probably not. Test it out and see what works!

Adam Buys Houses Company buys houses in Denver, Colorado. We’ve been in business since 2011 and love every bit of what we do! Click here to find out more about us. If you or someone you know have a house for sale, give us a call at 303–558–5843.

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