#SmartCash. A Privacy-Centric, Decentralized Economy.

What is Privacy ?

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It is an ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. The boundaries and content of what is considered private differ among cultures and individuals, but share common themes. When something is private to a person, it usually means that something is inherently special or sensitive to them. The domain of privacy partially overlaps security (confidentiality), which can include the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information.

What is Decentralization ?

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It is a process of redistributing or dispersing functions, powers, people or things away from a central location or authority.

What Is SmartCash ?

SmartCash is a fairly new Cryptocurrency project born out of the desire to create a viable, fungible, instant, merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system. Aimed to create the most nimble and fast growing cryptocurrency by aggressively prioritizing block rewards towards growing community, hiring developers, gaining merchant acceptance and via grassroots community outreach efforts and established marketing methods.

What are it’s featutres ?

  • SmartHive. The entire foundation of SmartCash is based upon Community Adoption, Growth and Inclusion. Everyone is a SmartCash team member, which means that Smart Cash is currently rigorously developing a self-sustaining economic system of it’s own that enables fair division of Block Rewards among the whole community evenly.
  • SmartRewards is a unique price stabilization mechanism and a way to encourage long term holding. Long term holders are key to the project’s success since the SmartHive treasury needs SmartCash to appreciate in value in order to fund meaningful 3rd party proposals and help grow SmartCash into a successful global crypto-currency. Each wallet address holding at least 1000 SmartCash will get paid every month after an initial 30 day period of holding, from the SmartReward block reward allocation of 15%. These payments will occur on the 25th of each month. All users need to move funds into addresses larger than 1000 SMART before the 25th to be counted.
  • Renew. Fungibility is a key stone of the SmartCash platform.
    In order to achieve it’s end goal as a fungible and widely adopted currency, the Zerocoin implementation is the foundation best suited to accomplish them. It provides users to create new coins via the Renew feature in exchange for older coins. These new coins have no history but are still view-able on a public ledger where all transactions can be displayed easily for all to see, which is key when implementing with merchant systems. This solution disables tracking from services like Coinfirm, and is faster than Coinjoin based mixing.
  • Instant-Pay ensures SmartCash is always blazing fast, no matter what you are buying. Instant-Pay is going to be a key feature that allows instant point-of-sale in-store and online purchases. People should be able to use crypto-currency as means to pay for their daily needs. Instant-Pay makes that a reality and allows for transactions to happen instantly, even faster than using your Visa or MasterCard.

No matter if you want to buy a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, fill up your tank at the nearest gas station, buy a bus ticket or pay for a video download, Instant-Pay makes that a reality. This is currently not possible with Bitcoin due to its technological limitations and network constraints, which result in transaction delays and high fees.

What is SmartHive ?

In order to create and maintain a decentralized governance structure, SmartCash is introducing two concepts SmartHive and Hive Structuring Teams (HST). SmartHive is an incentivized decentralized organizational model inspired by ant and bee colonies. SmartHive enables anyone that holds coins the opportunity to vote on proposals submitted by the community. SmartHive will be the lifeblood of the project, which will allow anyone to get involved and submit proposals, helping to generate organic growth at a grassroots level, creating a bottom-up management structure.

‘Core’ teams are a bad idea and something that ultimately leads to inefficiency and corruption. SmartCash wants to move past it and create a decentralized organizational model inspired by ant and bee colonies.

Wanna get involved? The SmartHive has a place for folks of all backgrounds. Come hungry!

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All SmartCash users deserve a voice, from day #1. That is why SmartCash is pioneering in the crypto-governance space and was built around SmartHive, the platform that lets all users vote on the direction of the project. More information will be released soon describing this platform in depth. Each SmartCash Token is worth 1 vote, to keep it simple.

What does Hive Structuring Team(s) do ? Who are they ?

  • The Hive Structuring Teams (HST) will lay the groundwork for the project and set the framework for the project’s evolution. Initially, the Hive Structuring Teams will operate three separate departments in charge of vital project areas, such as development, outreach and support. Each of these three departments will end up employing people. As teams grow larger, bigger than eight members, more teams will be created, each with its own budget and team coordinator, operating autonomously without a central command and control structure in place.

The Hive Structuring Teams will consist of people directly involved in the project on a day to day basis, while the overall SmartHive will aim to enroll and engage community members and other 3rd parties interested in growing SmartCash into a global world wide currency.

  • Hive Team : Outreach (This team focuses on community building, growth, general user acquisition.)

InTheWoods aka JuicyG (Hive Coordinator) — Best known for creating the original Dash Force proposal.

@Decentralizd (Web Guru ) — Specializes in Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Branding & Graphic Design.

Frisco D’Anconia (Writer) — Frisco is a wonderful Cointelegraph writer.

Marenkar (SmartCash Advisor) — Marenkar is involved in multiple projects involving crypto-currencies and blockchain.

  • Hive Team : Development (Responsible for building SmartCash and supporting applications.)

Solarminer (Hive Coordinator) — Creator of the Dash N Drink Soda Machine & SmartCash POS.

Gnasher (Development & Consulting) — Experienced C++ Dev & Reddcoin Lead Developer

Leoreinaux (Development & Consulting)

  • Hive Team : Support & Web ( This Hive is responsible for on-boarding & generalized SmartCash support.)

Alexander (Hive Coordinator) — Alex is a jack of all trades who loves Technology, Graphics, Web Design & Infrastructure.

@Rlamasb (Development) — C# Back-End Developer

Claus Codam (Pool Developer) — Claus comes skilled in the art of crypto-currency mining, pool management & is an avid crypto-currency enthusiast.

Slpin (Fiscal Officer) — With a mix of cryptographic superiority and exceptional intelligence, this Bean Counter is often credited as being the only Hive Member to have been born within the blockchain.

Most amazing thing about SmartCash is that anyone can become a part of the community and contribute towards it’s growth. SmartCash is pursuing a very rigorous development schedule and is constantly improving. If anyone has a talent that could help, then anyone can Join SmartCash’s community @ Slack and find ways to contribute.

SmartCash Parameters:

  • Coins per Block: 5000 coins
  • Block-time: 55 seconds
  • Coins per Block Schedule: 717.5 million / block-height with maximum 5000 coins per block.
  • Maximum supply: 5,000,000,000
  • Block-size: 1 MB (to be changed to Adaptive Blocks)
  • Algorithm: Keccak
  • Difficulty Management: BRNDF

What is their vision ?

Vision is to end poverty , deploy privacy and decentralization through wide adoption and community growth ensuring financial freedom for everyone.

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SmartCash’s Outreach Team is been running active campaigns on Twitter, Steemit, Facebook, Instagram and is working rigorously on User acquisition at the moment. Being inclusive from the very get-go, do give them an upper hand in terms of marketing strategy, since the Outreach Team is not leaving any stone unturned to create a buzz in the crypto-currency market.


And all of this, is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who will download SmartCash Wallet, Set it Up and tweets about SmartCash, gets to earn SmartCash. To know more about it one can simply refer to this guide on Steemit :

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This is not all about it, there’s more…

There are tons of Smart Secrets this crypto-currency has, all of which you and I will be exploring together in my next blog. Hence don’t forget to follow CryptoDate for more interesting and informative Crypto-Updates.

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