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“How will this affect the markets?” My only question, my only reaction to breaking news of any kind now. Follow the markets. See who wins from hate. Hate leads to division. Division leads to racism. Racism leads to slavery. Slavery leads to cheap labor. Cheap labor steals jobs and livelihoods. Cheap labor makes the rich richer. Economic inequality leads to war. War is still good for business, but mostly just for those in the shadows that win no matter the outcome. Do not believe the hype of hate. Don’t fall victim to the marketing of fear. Wake up. Be a more informed, less emotionally reactive consumer. Realize when you are buying hate and fear on impulse. Realize when you are being manipulated by branding and slogans as old as the first crests of kings and flags of warlords. Hate and fear are the brands we cling loyalty to in times like these. We impulsively stock up on both regardless of the price. Hate no one. Fear nothing. Not even “them.” It only makes us all further divided. It is their only means of control. When fear and hate are gone, they will no longer control. Humanity will no longer be divided. We will move toward a more equitable, profitable, and lighter course. Pause. Research. Learn. Gain true wisdom that this is all a very ancient game. React only from a place of strength. Never in fear or anxiety. This is how we win.

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