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First of all I love the name “Real Estate for Breakfast”. It is just perfect. So what is it? Well it is a podcast and the genius idea of Phillip N. Coover, an attorney with  Schenk Annes Tepper Campbell Ltd..

Phillip knows that in today’s world of online everything, he needed to create a powerful presence to help build his own marketing edge and give himself a piece of the online pie. Phillip opted to do this through a podcast platform.

A podcast is very similar to a blog, but instead of a written word, it is a spoken word. Phillip invites people from all walks of business life to discuss topics from marketing yourself online to retail real estate trends.

Phillip is a great guy and has that midwest friendly attitude about him. When we were introduced we chatted about how we could possibly help each other and he invited me to join him on a podcast. I was a little hesitant as I was not sure what I would talk about. Once Phillip and I started to chat about online marketing, we knew that would be our topic! So I am proud to say I was a guest on “Real Estate for Breakfast” Episode 16 and Phillip let me talk about marketing online and give a plug for how theBrokerList has become a popular commercial real estate community.

I really enjoyed the experience and had not really been part of a podcast before. We did it over the phone and it worked out great. I highly recommend you subscribe to the “Real Estate for Breakfast” podcast and especially listen to his latest one, Episode 17 where he talks to Liz Holland about retail trends!

Thanks so much to Phillip and his team. It was a joy to work with all of you! Please not only subscribe to his podcast on iTunes, but please follow him on Twitter too @REforBreakfast!

Of course, I made sure this podcast was included on the new QuantumListing project called CRE Podcasts as well!

Real Estate for Breakfast Podcast
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Real Estate for Breakfast Podcast

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