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I’m Sam Brown, Co-founder of Pelikin.

Like many of you, I’ve travelled abroad and had no choice but to accept the fees my bank forces me to pay for things like withdrawing my cash out of an ATM, and forces me to put up with less-than-satisfying customer service and a general lack of transparency in how my bank works.

You could say I’m driven by attitude (Google defines attitude as: ‘a settled way of thinking or feeling about something’)..

My attitude is that I’m frustrated. I am not happy with the current way things are done. I think we deserve more.

I envisage a better world for our finances.

So me and my brilliant team are building Pelikin — a global money app allowing you to spend and send your money, anywhere in the world…like a local.

We want to empower our customers and to do this effectively we have started a conversation with them. This chat is ongoing and will never end. Our customers are shaping what we’re building and no feature is added, altered or removed without speaking to them first. How we’re engaging these people is a story (or blog post) for another time.

It’s a long road ahead, I’m in no doubts that we’re going to face some uphill struggles but we will prevail, and we will allow anyone to spend and send money, anywhere in the world…just like a local.

Join us in our journey. Sign up to the waitlist here to gain early access we launch. If you want to help us shape the future, I’d love you to consider working with us.

Thanks for reading.

Sam Brown,

Co-founder & CEO, Pelikin

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