All Time BEST Marketing Tool of Our Generation

Buffer, Canva, Analytics, Slack, Google Trends, Trello all have something in common; they are the first things that show up when you google, “Best Marketing Tools.” Thats not a bad thing, but you need things to post on those varying platforms.

So you need a camera…

So you need a computer…a team…management…money…the most expensive one, time.

So you need a way to connect yourself with your audience, weather that is business owners, or natural consumers; you just need to get their attention, and do it fast at a rate that is consistent.

If you don’t have the budget to assemble a top-tier marketing team, you’ll need some great tools to take your marketing to the next level. To help you reach your marketing goals this year, I’ve put together a list of the number one must-have tool to get you started.

I tried to make this easy and simple so you can save time and money.

you ready?

1. Your Phone

Boom. This is the most overlooked tool, and it happens to be in your pocket. many people think they need to create the best-of-the-best for their audience. Well, you should, again, the tool is in your pocket or your hand this second.

Writing team? Thats how I am doing it right now. I am in a plane, headphones in, listening to a podcast, and writing an article on my smart phone. This is how I can save money and waste no time with designing a team that can produce the best quality of words. I just need you to know what I mean.

Need a camera to photograph content for media? You have a camera on your phone. Want better photos and video content? Visit …Sameless plug.

Need Networking to connect with the best people and business to work with? use your phone.

Need to save time? Yes, me too.

It is literally amazing. You do not need to wait for you to get to your office computer or even wait to tell someone to it for you. Just go ahead and speed up the process to become the most productive.

The hard thing I have trouble with is seeing my phone as a snapchat, texting, and a map machine. There is Email, there is Social Media for branding, there is Slack, there are documents, there is my calendar, audio recording for you podcasters, camera, notes, storage drives, contacts, analytics, news, articles, spreadsheets.

Start looking at your phone as a productivity tool, and you will start to see more time, more money, and more time with your friends and family.

the END…

That is it, folks, I hope you learn something new from this article and for more tips visit To learn more about the author check him out on social media Instagram Twitter Facebook or at

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