Breakfast links: DC is mulling how to deal with Metro fare evasion

DC weighs decriminalization of fare evasion on Metro

The DC Council is floating a bill to decriminalize fare evasion. Supporters say current policies disproportionately affect African-Americans, and resources spent policing fare evasion could be better applied to improving Metro's ridership.  (Martine Powers / Post)

LaHood calls for complete replacement of the WMATA board

A report from former US DOT secretary Ray LaHood says Metro should receive dedicated funding, and calls for replacing WMATA's 16-member board with a new five-member one that would be make tough decisions about bus routes and labor.  (Robert McCartney / Post)

Developers may shift focus from luxury to workforce housing

City markets are topping out at the luxury market level, so now developers are looking at investing in recession-proof workforce housing. However, developers say profiting off of affordable homes is tough due to high construction costs.  (Chick Sudo / Bisnow)

A national WWI memorial will arrive in Pershing Park

Construction just began on a World War I memorial at Pershing Park that's scheduled to be completed in time for the 100th anniversary of the conflict's end next year. It will be the first national memorial to be privately-funded.  (Daniel Woldorff / WAMU)

DC provides low-income vets with free taxi service

The District launched a pilot program that provides veterans making less than $30,000 annually with free taxi service for school, work, or medical appointments. Another new program helps them open their own business.  (Mark Segraves / NBC4)

Bethesda church says a new law won’t save the African-American cemetary

Although the Montgomery County Council passed legislation protecting historic cemeteries from redevelopment, local churchgoers are unconvinced it will protect the African-American burial ground they've been fighting to save.  (Sasha Ann-Simons / WAMU)

Billionaire owner of DCist might sue DCistNOW.com

Billionaire Joe Ricketts, who shut down DCist and the other -ists around the nation, is threatening to sue the DC-based jazz singer Aaron Myers who started DCistNOW.com for infringing on the trademark.  (Aaron Gregg / Post)

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