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How to sell your land?

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Owning self property or land will always have its advantages in future, as my grandmother used to say: “the earth is the land”. But sometimes, when we own those properties, we do not know what to do with them. And the years go by and the landscape is still there, as we remember it. It is at that moment when the idea of ​​selling it comes to us, because it is better to take advantage of it than to leave it forgotten. You don’t need to think? But how could you sell a lot of land without a house? Normally people bought a piece of land at low cost and when their costs increase they sell it. Do not worry: here are some steps you can take to make things easier when you decide to put it on sale.

Lot of investment and residential lot: differences

This is not a step as such, but before selling your lot you should know if it is an investment lot or a residential lot. The price difference between one and the other can be huge; therefore, we must qualify between both.

The investment lot consists of a virgin land and without constructions, in which maintenance costs do not generate a large cost and the price is lower than the residential as it is a non-urbanized area.

The residential lot is usually of higher price, since it is designed to be inhabited as soon as possible. In addition, the value includes the infrastructure, time and profits of the construction companies that already worked the land. Maintenance and service expenses are usually important points to consider.

When you know what type of lot is your property, you can play with the numbers and get the most out of the sale. However, for lots of land without a home — also called investment — we prepare some tips to avoid suffering when you think about how to sell them. Everything very simple.

1. Evaluation of the characteristics

Rate your land: make an assessment of the price dimensions, analyze the land and confirm that you have access to drainage and electrical services.

2. Papers in order

Make sure you have all the papers in shape: the deeds and payments of rights (property) must be in order.

3. The commercial amount

Commercial price: ask for advice to have the approximate price of your lot, in addition to checking the price with other similar residential land in Nagpur in the area in which it is located.

4. Access to the batch

Analyze the area: consider the different ways to get to the place, to give transport options to future owners.

These are some of the steps that you should take more into account at the moment of not knowing how to sell a lot of land without a house. In this way, you can work on the sales strategy and make sure you have everything you need in order.

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