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Revolutionizing Global Real Estate Using Blockchain Technology: How Real Pound Works

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Revolutionizing Global Real Estate Using Blockchain Technology: How Real Pound Works*5_a0CX5phgkdNb15964pVA.png

Real Pound has taken it upon itself to revolutionize the way people invest in real estate properties globally by harnessing myriad of opportunities offered by blockchain technology. It’s simple, Real Pound aims to provide real estate market access to foreign investors by leveraging on the core values of blockhain technology which include; decentralization, transparency, cross-border accessibility and trust to utilize their fiat money and cryptocurrency which they can’t originally utilize in their home country due to low adoption in the traditional real estate sphere and excessive government regulation and restrictions like those seen in China.

Since blockchain technology now has a wide felt impact on the operation of financial services worldwide by changing the way data and information are stored and transferred, it is envisaged to impact the way real estate operations, transactions and assets are recorded, stored, exchanged, managed and financed globally. Are you wondering why this is so? It is because the blockchain effect is not limited to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alone but it has spread it tentacles across both digital and tangible assets.

With this in mind, Real Pound aims to create a blockchain technology controlled platform where the stress associated with cross border regulations will be removed and clients will be able to access real estate properties of their choice worldwide. The presence of middlemen that are usually present in traditional real estate transactions and who are the main reason for the hassles experienced by real estate investors will also be eliminated.

Real Pound won’t limit it scope to the regular real estate transactions but engage in high end projects which include construction of airport, sport complexes, hotel development as well as invest in highly liquid assets like casinos, business centers and shopping centers. This will be achieved via it partnership with Manx International who specializes in developments and project services around the world.

Through the creation of smart contracts, Real Pound will tokenize real estate properties and provide a platform for investors to spread their fiat and crypto wealth whilst ensuring security of transactions and reduction of inefficiencies that usually creep into real estate deals using the solutions proffered by blockchain technology. Smart contracts for this project will be written in Ethereum Solidity which will allow people across the globe to carry out real estate transactions even if they don’t use the same currency or speak the same language.

Like in traditional real estate setup, properties will be listed and buyers will be allowed to use their fiat money and cryptocurrencies to invest in valuable real estate properties that will earn them high ROI within a short period. Acceptable payment options will include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), bank transfer, visa processing and lots more that will be added in the future.

Lying in the core of real estate investment is serenity of the investors. Real Pound will ensure that an ever responsive customer support service is made available 24/7 on our website, via mail and on our social media channels to ensure efficient transaction and seamless operations. Investors will also enjoy low service charge on transactions and receive 70% of the total income so as to increase adoption and drive the growth and mass market appeal of the Real Pound brand.

An ICO campaign will be used to raise fund for the project. Being the fastest and most efficient means to raise fund for blockchain and cryptocurrency based projects, individual investors will be allowed to buy Real Pound tokens (RPD) at cheaper rate during Pre ICO and ICO period which is just 28 days away and the funds will be invested in high yielding properties so as to create a huge portfolio of lucrative offerings. Early birds will enjoy massive discount during the pre-ICO and ICO period and average price is projected to change after ICO at 25 to 35% yearly based on market trends. 90% of received funds will be allocated to investment in real estate properties in locations with booming and promising real estate market across the globe, Africa inclusive and the remaining 10% will be allocated to management.

Real Pound platform will ensure that real estate transactions are carried out without cross-border restrictions and excessive bureaucracy experienced in the traditional set up. Safe record of transactions with transparency and security through the innovative use of blockchain technology will also be ensured.

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