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Popular dogma recommends appealing to the most average/normal segment of the population. After all, that’s the biggest slice of the pie. Average home buyers are more common than weird ones, right?


Segments don’t buy houses, humans do. And all humans are weird.

Instead of pretending like everyone wants 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms what if we started embracing that some people want 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a meditation room? Sure, we’d lose interest from the people who’ve never meditated before. But, we’d also be a magnet for those that have.

The twentieth century was all about commandeering the television for 30 seconds at a time to broadcast to the masses. The twenty first century has afforded us the privilege of choice. Today, we can be subtle and discerning in ways that weren’t previously possible.

So before your next project, start by answering two questions.

Who is this for?


Who is this not for?

Use the answers to appeal to the smallest slice of the pie possible.

Illuminate this new reality in your classroom with the following activity.

Use my example to set up a hypothetical situation. Each student is about to sell their home. They have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Ask them to re-purpose one of the bedrooms to appeal to a particular person. Yoga room, ballet studio, dark photography room — no wrong answers.

Encourage the students to create Pinterest accounts to search for ideas.

Ask each person to draw a floorplan of the space as well as a short description of the room’s décor. Specificity counts.

Spend a day and have each student present their ideas to the classroom. Introduce a voting system to bring a Shark Tank game-feel to the exercise.

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