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How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire in 2018

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I believe that only the living needs and cares about millions.

Hence, to become a self made millionaire in 2018 involves 2 distinct things…

1. You must be living

2. You must make plenty money that runs into millions.

Mind you, if all you're worth is a million, you shouldn't claim to have made a million.

Because you'd hardly be bought at that price.

Back to the 2 distinct things…

1. You must be living

To truly live, you must be healthy.

Can you be healthy all by yourself?


Yes, you can buy and eat the things you want.

Yes, you can exercise and rest when you need to.

Yes, you can work and earn money without bearing the name 'employee'

Even a carefree look confirms that the above things are only made possible because others are working.

There wouldn't be food to buy if no one farmed.

There wouldn't be a roof or mattress to rest if the industries weren't functioning.

There wouldn't be work of any sort if no one needs and is ready to pay for your services.

Can you then live by yourself?


Can you be healthily self made to become a happy millionaire all by yourself?


You need people.

2. You must make plenty money that runs into millions

How is money even made?

I believe it goes something like this…

Create or develop something people need and are willing to pay for, and sell it to them for a profit.

And profit is selling price less cost price.

So if your product or service cost 2k and you produce each unit of it for 1k, you must sell 1,000 units to make a profit of 1 million.

1,000 units implies that 1,000 different people have to buy whatever you're selling.

Which means you must have people who trust you enough to part with their monies.

Can you achieve that all by yourself?


Many will only trust you because someone they trust also trust you

Again, you need people!

Both the few that would trust you by themselves and the countless who'd need others to vouch for you.

People, People, People!

You need people to become a millionaire!

You need to people to be healthy so as to enjoy your millions.

Therefore to become a millionaire in 2018, distant yourself from the self-made dogma

Nobody is self-made.

Nobody can be self-made!

Self-made is a word you should exterminate completely if you're looking to become a millionaire in 2018.

Embrace people!

Show genuine interest in people.

Help people become better people.

Do this, and you’d stand a greater chance of becoming a millionaire this year.

I've already started mine…

Would you?


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