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Smashing the glass ceiling

Changing Mentality

No the economy is not a zero sum game, everything as to do with the prevailing bias. Sadly in today market most of the protagonist only think about making money, when the real issue is about creating richness. Obviously the real progress is a slow process, paradigm shift take time what today seem impossible tomorrow will be the new normality.

Rethink Think Tank

Usually think tank are intellectual group that push agenda on policies maker to take advantage of market distortion. Carbon tax scheme are great example of market distortion policies that remove money out of the pocket of the middle class without any tangible benefit except for few lucky winner that receive money from the green fund. What we want from think tank is transparency and political agenda removal, intellectual elite will be better off this way if they want to stay relevant.

Carbon Tax Money Burning

Level Up The Playing Field

We need to see more collaboration between all stakeholders, policies making need to be proactive, regulators work for the population first, after for corporation, and at last with VC and pension fund, not the other way around. To be proactive we need to share our knowledge and invest into education collectively to spur innovation. As for policies making we need to have all stakeholders on the same page, that mean we need to have entrepreneur, VC, corporation, big pension fund, policies maker at the same table and create working group for new policies making for the best interest of the population.

Embrace Innovation

Today we have new tools to raise capital like equity crowd funding, is no need for entrepreneur to raise capital from VC with countless meeting losing time doing bikini contest. It will be interesting to follow the melodrama with ICO in North America, at the end of days is important to protect investor interest from scam, but is a lot less important to protect accredited investor privilege that protect the 1%.

The Equity Distribution Disruption

One of the biggest problem with the Uberization of the economy is equity misappropriation. The one how deserve the biggest share of equity are the drivers not the management, without drivers is no business at the first place. Same can be say about all the gig economy, if you have a platform that work similar to Uber with contractor and you don’t plan to distribute equity to your contractor you are deep trouble because that exactly what is the internet of value is all about.

Five types of distributive norm are defined by Forsyth:[who?][1]

Equity: Members’ outcomes should be based upon their inputs. Therefore, an individual who has invested a large amount of input (e.g. time, money, energy) should receive more from the group than someone who has contributed very little. Members of large groups prefer to base allocations of rewards and costs on equity.

Equality: Regardless of their inputs, all group members should be given an equal share of the rewards/costs. Equality supports that someone who contributes 20% of the group’s resources should receive as much as someone who contributes 60%.

Power: Those with more authority, status, or control over the group should receive more than those in lower level positions.

Need: Those in greatest needs should be provided with resources needed to meet those needs. These individuals should be given more resources than those who already possess them, regardless of their inpu

Responsibility: Group members who have the most should share their resources with those who have less.


Breaking the glass ceiling for the economy mean;

#Changing mentality; from making money individually to create richness collectively.

#Rethink think tank; having intellectual elite that are intellectually honest and work for the best interest of the population.

#Level up the playing field; we need to have all stakeholders on the same page to push for new policies change that will bring prosperity for the many not just the few.

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