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Breakfast links: Metro’s largest union asks for worker-friendly concessions

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Union workers spell out demands in letters to regional officials

Metro's biggest union revealed its demands for a better policies for workers via a series of letters sent to officials in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Metro and the union are entering a “cooling off period,” meaning a strike is less likely at the moment.  (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

The Silver Line’s concrete woes may not be as dire as previously believed

Initial results from tests run on the 'faulty' concrete panels intended for use in the Silver Line expansion are showing they may actually be usable with some protective coatings to keep water out.  More conclusive tests will be completed within three weeks.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

Lyft introduces discounts favoring transit use

Lyft is introducing a series of discounts offered to people using bikes and scooters, especially if their trip starts or stops at a transit hub.  (Andrew J. Hawkins / Verge)

Ofo dials back North American services

Ofo, a China-based bike-sharing startup, has laid off many of its North American employees as the company continues to make cuts to its services across the globe. The company will continue to operate in the US, but on significantly smaller terms.  (Alison Griswold / Quartz)

Maryland’s water utility raises prices for those living alone

A new pricing system approved on Wednesday by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission will drop quarterly prices by about $5 for three-person households, but raise them by around $8 for those living alone.  (Katherine Shaver / Post)

Red Line shutdowns start this weekend

Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood and Brookland Metro stations will be closing this weekend, allowing repair crews to start the maintenance work that will last until September 3. Free shuttle buses will bridge the gap in the Red Line.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

UMD’s weekend bus to College Park Metro is back in business

Back in May, the University of Maryland had to shelve a popular shuttle bus route to the College Park Metro station due to budgetary concerns. But thanks to some funding assistance from the Athletic Department, the route has been revived.  (Christine Condon / Diamondback)

If we want more affordable homes, we need to increase the supply

A lack of supply is forcing housing prices up, so cities need to relax regulations and build more homes so that the stock will be more affordable for everyone, argues Roger Valdez.   (Roger Valdez / Forbes)

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