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Five things you should know before starting your work day on July 20

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Well, it’s another Friday morning, and here’s to a good day; Shari Kulha with you again. British Columbia joined Confederation on this day in 1871. Three years before it was geographically possible, Canada had adopted the aspirational phrase “sea to sea,” and after 1871 could honestly use it. The motto Ad Mare Usque Ad Mare wasn’t included in the coat of arms until 1921. And for a dozen years now, the move has been afoot to adopt “sea to sea to sea,” to be inclusive of our far north. And as we speak, the provincial premiers are at an Eastern Canada waterfront location discussing provincial priorities.


Trudeau’s carbon tax looks pretty much dead now that most provinces are out. The number of provinces supporting the proposed federal carbon tax looks like it’s down to five — maybe four. It could come down to three; when the premiers’ meeting in St. Andrew’s winds up, there might be a more definitive picture. As Jim Karahalios writes, just over a year ago, nine provinces agreed to Trudeau’s plan to usurp provincial jurisdiction and mandate a national carbon tax.


Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched low-cost data plans that are cheaper than the Big Three‘s offers. Freedom is offering one gigabyte of data and unlimited text for $25/month and 250 megabytes of data, Emily Jackson reports, and 100 minutes of talk and unlimited texts for $15/mo. It comes after the CRTC ordered the Big Three to offer more affordable service; Freedom wasn’t required to do that, but beat the incumbents in their new offerings.


Trump blasted the U.S. Fed’s rate hikes yesterday, trespassing on central bank’s independence, saying “I don’t like all of this work that we’re putting into the economy and then I see rates going up.” He broke with White House tradition of avoiding comments on monetary policy, and the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields gave up some strength. When it happened in the 1970s, the result was years of soaring inflation.


Opposition to construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline is partly funded by a government entity that was set up when Justin’s dad was PM in 1977. As Peter Foster writes, Justin Skywalker is about to discover the figure inside that Darth Vader suit — the one helping the empire of eco-extremism now fighting his pipeline — is his father. A grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council was set up back in the day to make sure the progressive agenda continues regardless of which government happens to be in power.


Tesla’s exclusive battery maker has suspended relations with its Canadian supplier over Cuban cobalt, and that supplier may be Sherritt International. Panasonic said it wasn’t able to determine how much of the cobalt used in the Tesla batteries comes from Cuba, a country subject to U.S. sanctions, and how much from the Philippines, another supplier. Because of the “co-mingling of sources by its suppliers in several phases of manufacturing processes,” Panasonic could not give a definitive answer. Tesla says that, anyway, it is working to reduce its use of cobalt to near zero.

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