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Putting the Long Term Unemployed Back to Work

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Photo Credit: David McSpadden, CC BY 2.0

My latest piece for City Journal is on a topic I’ve written about here multiple times in the past, namely the positive signs were are seeing the the long term unemployed, ex-offenders, etc. are getting back into the job market because employers are now giving them a chance because they are so desperate for workers. Changing employer habits is really important too. Here’s an excerpt:

Reports describe how a tightening labor market is finally tearing down employer-erected barriers to hiring. The Wall Street Journal recently noted, for example, that firms are increasingly adopting a “no experience required” policy to try to fill jobs, even eliminating the requirement for a college degree in some cases.

Up to now, observers had pointed to the rise in state-mandated occupational licensing as a factor in slow economic growth. Without help from government, though, the private sector itself had become prey to creeping credentialism. Online job postings frequently include a long list of detailed requirements, with most applicants summarily rejected by algorithms or offshore résumé reviewers. Nearly two decades of a recessionary or anemic jobs economy allowed companies to become prima donnas of hiring, and a generation of human resources and hiring managers were marinated in this environment.

Now marketplace discipline is forcing them to change. Anything that reduces an unhealthy fixation on the length of a CV is positive for economic dynamism.

Click through to read the whole thing.

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