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How does a small business find its sweet spot? (Facebook Live chat) | #VentureCanvas

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Douglas Soltys | Beta Kit

Entrepreneurs know there is nothing ‘small’ about running a small business. The hours are just as long as running more established businesses, the choices just as difficult, the stakes just as high.

The biggest difference? Beyond resources, a small business might not yet know exactly what it needs to be to grow.

As part of our Small Business Series (powered by Dell!), BetaKit spoke with Eighty-Eight’s Erin Bury and SIPBAR’s Alex Boyman about the lessons they’ve learned while growing their small business. In both cases, these entrepreneurs had to change and adapt their business to find the ‘sweet spot’ for growth.

We’ve teamed up once again with Dell so these entrepreneurs can help your business find its fit. Join us next Thursday for a BetaKit Facebook live chat, where Erin and Alex will share their stories of small business growth.

Have a question about finding the sweet spot for your small business? Post it in the comments section below and we’ll make sure it gets answered Thursday. See you then!

Facebook Live chat: Finding the sweet spot for your small business

Thursday, August 23, 12:30PM-1:30PM EST

Where: (filmed on location at StartWell King Street)

Douglas Soltys – Editor-in-chief, BetaKit

Special Guest Participants:
Erin Bury — Managing Director, Eighty-Eight
Alex Boyman — Co-Founder, SIPBAR

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Source: How does a small business find its sweet spot? (Facebook Live chat)

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