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‘It’s always best to have it…lots of it…shamelessly’

May abundant wealth + money fill our lives for all eternity.

Truth is, having money is the most righteous thing you will do in this life. It signifies your abundant mindset, a healthy attitude of enjoying life and being a better person, in a better position to be of help to another(without being Grinchy). Having money also means you are an example of the possibility of a good life to a person that needs it. Being an example of all that is good, is all we are called to exemplify in this life (In case you needed an explanation for the purpose for your life. It doesn’t matter how many people you’ve given old shirts — no one wants to wear your old clothes you would know that if…we will save that for another day. But if you are mean it all cancels out. )

Money is good. It improves the lives, standards and experiences of those it touches. Ever meet a person after their first paycheck? That great positive change, hope and glow you see in them is what makes money good for everyone. It also tends to come to the abundant, because of it’s celebratory nature. It therefore only seeks the calls of the confident faithful, who declare their love for it, by accepting and recognizing it’s value.

Money loves to accompany those who believe only the best will do, a sign that a person is living up to their highest potential. Those who won’t settle for anything less than the very best.

Money personified, is the greatest admirer and benefactor of the ones who hold the highest human ideals. That’s why it makes it way in haste to such people, those who have rejected poverty or second rate thinking and philosophies in favor of strict higher conduct as dedicated by life not people. This is why it takes a good person to have lots of money. Stop and think of the people with money that you know. How are they like? Honestly. These are the people who don’t struggle with finances, who always have it together and possibly live what seem like isolated lives. What are they really like when you make their acquaintance? It often surprises a lot of people how good, well meaning, vulnerable, kind, have a high regard for high standards and are good intentioned people.

Of course there are those who find money and then struggle to keep it or lose it and gain it, which to be honest is a rough way to live. These are often a very different sort. They can be described as the ones who never fully read the manual and put together an ad hoc solution and move through life filling the empty spots with temporal pieces, to get them a little further only to fall when something larger comes their way. They oscillate because they still engage in some lower ideals which result in thoughts of scarcity and are always afraid of losing it all.

In order to live well without the tempest, a person must understand that life though full of choices, requires us to always take the high road. To make choices that reflect a higher standard not by your individual standard but by life’s standard. We didn’t make the rules, we just understand them.

Understanding the Rules of Life

Life has rules or principles. These govern the nature of everything in it. It’s why you get burned if you touch a fire or water turns to ice if it gets too cold. Or for this practical lesson, you can never have something you abhor. Life protects you from it.

Everything you distaste is diligently removed from your presence. Your conscious makes a point to protect your presence, from being defiled by such abhorrent natures. Which is a problem if you place money in that caste. This means that no matter who much money wants to come to you, your subconscious will go to every extent to block it from procuring your precious time. Which means that you will have money struggles and hopefully pray that you avoid all the drama that comes with it.

Thankfully it is a thing you can and must change. You can adopt a mindset of agreeing with only good higher ideals. I only agree and follow life’s higher ideals. When you put it as a sum, it tends to covers your bases.

There are lots of options in life. Some of which are fortunately good. This means that you have to choose to stand with what life NOT people consider good, higher ideals. Remember life has it’s own rules so it’s best to learn how they work quickly for your cause, otherwise you will believe in fate…which is a tale made up by those down on their luck.

Now that you know there are rules…

How do you attract Money?

Start with…

What do you really think of Money?

Money loves those who love it and gives more to those with higher ideals. Simply put, money likes good people and good places. Attach yourself to good things and money will come to you. I only associate with good things and places.

To find out what you believe about money ask and answer these questions honestly. What do you believe about money? Is it taboo? Do you agree with people who have more money than they need? Do you think it’s shallow to have money? Are you afraid it will make you a terrible person? Are people with money terrible people? Are you afraid of being terrible? Do you not deserve to have money?

If you struggle with money, your line of thought is definitely in this neighborhood and must relocate for money to like you again and feel safe with making a home with you again.

Start here…

It’s right and just to have money. Say this to yourself until you believe it, continue with what follows. Once you have a positive thought process only positive, uplifting thoughts follow. Same is true for the opposite. Uplift your thought process and see your life change.

Love it $$$$$$$$$

Love is appreciation and gratitude in action. The only things that stay with us are those we express our love to and treat well. You must show love to the right things in order to have them with you and reject the wrong things.

Understand it’s value

Money is like toothpaste. It really doesn’t do anyone any favors not to have it. The more you have(by honest means) the better. We are never ashamed of having too much toothpaste, so by all means feel proud to have lots of money.

Believe you will always get more

I will get more or I have more. This is the positive mindset needed to come by more money and nest money. This allows money to always make it’s way to you. It gives you a stress free because by God your finances are sorted. It’s called the faith principle.

Faith Principle

Money only lives in places of abundance. It won’t visit much if you live on a shoe string budget. Budgeting is just scarcity. It only shows that you believe there is never enough, you don’t know where to get it, are afraid it will run out, don’t believe you will get more, it’s not enough and harbor other ill thoughts that will definitely spoil any party.

Correct your approach by adopting a party attitude. Be high on life and simply declare You know where to get it, You know how to get it and You will get it. Money will hear your call and sprint your way. Faith is simply being high on life, which gives you a party attitude.

Share It

Money loves being shared. Giving money demonstrates a party attitude and confidence the giver has in money, which circles in back in appreciation in larger amounts.

Notice how your wealthy friends are always ready to give. And they always tag it with ‘Don’t worry about. I have more or I will get more or There’s more where that came from.’

Those words like all words have power to create. Even though they might not personally have it at moment, the attitude they invoke is one that money loves and associates. Money loves those who celebrate it and celebrates itself. #highOnLife.

There’s a reason money is always personified as the heel tap celebration. It takes a very happy person fueled with abundant energy to do so, while holding on to their accessories.

Use it well

Like all things in nature, money has a set of rules or principles it adheres to. It has it’s own way of being so to speak. It requires that you use it in a way that allows you to share and build confidence in acquiring it. Wealth is after all infinite, so you simply get more and more and more of it.

Dishonest gain is a curse upon any person that engages in it. Theft or dishonest acquisition are a mindset of scarcity and money will not lend itself to such a person for very long. That’s why such people always seem to run out of it or face problems. It doesn’t pay to be dishonest.

The 70–30 principle allows you to effectively use money, expand it and pass it on to your children or anyone that might learn from you.

It involves taking any money you come by and putting it through the 70–30 generator.

Assign 30 percent of the amount into thirds to fund:

1/3 longterm investments,

1/3 capital equity + charity and 1/3 savings account.

Assign 70 percent of the amount into quarters to service:

1/4 Necessities — expenditures that serve you and yours, food, clothes, gas

1/4 Bills — services provided to you by another.

1/4 Luxuries — experiences that allow you to enjoy and expand life such as movies, travel

1/4 Daily Expenditures — these are expenses that come up on a whim

Add more categories if you have more. But it’s best to keep it at quarters and fit everything within the quarters and thirds.

The idea is for every amount of money you come by to be subject to this process. It builds confidence, responsible spending and wealth. The key is to decide to earn more if one area is short, so that you can add to it.

Believing you can and should come by more increases your earnings and creates a hopeful, abundant mindset. You develop a positive outlook on life, look forward to everything and live to your highest potential without problems. Now isn’t that nice.

Money affords us great lives which is a shame to miss out. It enriches our experiences, gives us peace of mind and encourages us to be helpful and charitable towards others which creates a better world.

It provides a way for us to enjoy our lives, have more to offer and live to our highest possible standard. It also gives us a better outlook on life.

So treat money the same way you treat your toothpaste. Graciously.

I graciously love and appreciate my money.

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