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Don’t Worry About The Money You’re Not Making – D. L. Samuels – Medium

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Many people are stuck in this phase where they are constantly checking their bank account and other financial statements, hoping to see the money that they are not currently making. To be completely honest, not too long ago I was one of those people.

I often said that I hated the concept of money because I didn’t have any, and on a few occasions, I felt that it always seemed to elude me. I regularly found myself asking similar questions over and over again. Questions like:

  • How do I acquire more money?
  • How do other people make money?
  • What am I not doing at all, that everyone else seems to be doing right?
  • Why am I not getting more money when I am doing so much hard work?

At this point, I am often really baffled and worried about the money that I am not making, instead of being genuinely excited about the money that I am going to make. My thoughts were rarely centered on assured thoughts that my attempts will result in some financial reward, but rather on the fact that financial rewards seemed out of my reach in the present moment.

It’s frustrating to always be at odds with where you are in terms of your vision of success, and where you think you need to be. Of course, this kind of thinking rarely, if ever, creates any opportunity to seriously reflect on this perceived status, and how to get to the other side. It also rarely allows you to appreciate the lessons that can be learned from the here and now.

In my opinion, after giving it some conscious thought recently, it is essentially linked to the thought, “the grass is greener on the other side” while not noticing that your grass is already green enough, with flowers that have bloomed without you paying attention.

So, for the next couple of months, I have decided to do just that. I intend to make steps toward changing my frame of mind from worrying about the money I’m not making, to being excited about the money I am going to make. I want to commit myself to recognizing and acknowledging that my grass is already bright green and worthy of admiration.

If you have read enough inspirational books about money or wealth then you have definitely come across the phrases “laws of exchange” or “laws of attraction”. Your body, especially your mind, sends out signals which are untraceable by your senses, however those signals are magnetic forces that attract entities, whether people or opportunities, into your life. Think of the saying “Good things happen to good people”.

I started thinking about this a few days ago quite randomly, and I honestly believe it has attracted new opportunities into my life already. One opportunity is in the form of learning the inner workings of the stock market, and dipping my toes into trading said stocks. Admittedly, this is something that I have had no prior knowledge nor experience in, as my career is Retouching, Photography, and Cinematography. The mind frame of being excited about the money I am going to make has opened this window which was blocked by a wall I never even noticed was there before.

Here are a few steps to achieve the “Don’t worry about the money you’re not making and focus on the money you’re going to make” state;

  • Stop checking your bank account: I am sorry to say this, but no matter how many times a day you check your account, you will always see the same amount. Often, all this is doing is reminding you of the position you’re currently in. For some people, it’s motivational. For others, it only fuels irritation and infuriation, becoming a deterrent to you taking proactive steps to changing the figure staring at you from your banking app.
    You might have a just a few seconds of motivation and inspiration, however that desperate, underlying feeling of “I need more, or I am not making enough” will sink in sooner than later, weighing you down with the heaviness of what is not there, and not what could be.
  • Do what works and keep doing it: Remember that moment when you made money from doing something you never actually thought was possible? 
    Sometimes we focus on what “else” we can do to make money, when the catalyst to making money is right underneath our noses. There are just a special few that happen to stumble across this realization randomly, acknowledging that they possess a talent or skill that is capable of helping them to make money.
    Spend the next couple of weeks, or months, auditing your skills and talents, figuring out what you are exceptional at doing, as well as focus on nurturing more relationships with people willing to pay you for the work you, and only you, are able to do. This is specially directed to the non-traditional individuals: the Artists, Make-up Artists, Photographers, Writers, Designers, and even YouTubers.
  • Pay attention to your mental state: As easy it is for me to write this, it is not an easy task to accomplish. Your mental state plays a vital role in how much money you’re able to make. Yes, I know you can’t fully control what you think 80% of the time but you can control how those thoughts affect you about half of that time. Sometimes there are days when you will feel overwhelmed. This is the point where you take a step back. Do something you find worth while, lay down, sleep, or even meditate, while repeating to yourself that you are in a constant phase of growth.

I know that it is easier said than done, because any number of factors can affect, not only how we are able to earn money, but also how our feelings are attached to this experience. I would encourage anyone, however, to give it a shot with paying a bit more attention to what is possible, what is to come, and being proactive to attain a status that you would be comfortable with.

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