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What would you do if you had to start over?

If you were fired tomorrow, business went under, or lost all you invested in a project, what would you do?

How would you start over? I’m trying to cover most of these steps that I wrote out for my journey:

I’m starting over from scratch.

From a professional/financial standpoint that is.

I left a high paying job earlier this year — I was unhappy — and I ventured out to start working for myself and start a business.

I made some mistakes financially and I’m virtually restarting my career/finances from zero.

I have the most important things that I need right now, my family, a supportive partner, and a roof over my head (for now lol).

There’s one more thing I need. Financial freedom.

So here are the steps that are best to overcome and thrive:

Take Responsibility

The hardest part of this would be to take ownership of the situation. It’s easier to blame others for current circumstances. If you end up in a situation like this, it’s down to you.

  • Yeah, you lost your job, but did you get so comfortable that you didn’t put contingencies in place?
  • You lost out on the investment, but did you really do your due diligence? Did you trust your gut?
  • Your business went under, but did you get out of your own way? Did you get help? Did you hire people smarter than you? Were you serving your customers or were you concerned with profit?

So, I’m taking responsibility for it. Hand up. My bad.

Podcaster and investor, Tim Ferriss, often says that the quality of our life is related to the number of hard questions we are willing to ask.

So, ask yourself, am I responsible for my current situation?

Practice Self-Love

Ownership in itself is great but we’re not falling into the realm of pity, shame, anger or guilt.

Mistakes were made but we are human. It’s what we do.

We are valued, full of love and not defined by the circumstances we found ourselves in.

Understand that through some grind and faith, we will transcend our previous highs, not only you will become more successful, you will grow emotionally and spiritually as well.

Most of all, love yourself. There’s only one of you and you’re needed. You are more than your circumstances.

Set Goals to Transcend the Situation

Establish some short, medium and long term goals to become financially stable and financially free. Financial freedom is the long term goal, which will probably take several years.

Set complimentary goals to support the financial goals. It’s easy to forget the other aspects of our life when we are consumed with money.

  • Set Health and Wellness Goals, as it will determine the energy we have to achieve financial goals.
  • Set Relationship and Family Goals, as it will determine the degree of support we get to achieve financial goals.
  • Set Spiritual and Charity Goals, as it will determine the degree the universe gives back to us as we contribute to it.

Get a Mentor

Chances are we dropped the ball with mentorship. Either:

a. We have no mentors to look up to and seek feedback from.

b. We do have mentors but we did not seek their counsel when making big decisions.

c. We have the wrong mentors.

Support is where the growth will happen. Who do you know that’s further ahead? Who are the successful professionals or business owners that you look up to? Reach out and establish a new relationship. For me, it was a combination of b and c.

Whichever of these options apply to you, you have the opportunity to fix it.

Build a Morning Routine

It’s a new you, and you have to build the habit of taking care of yourself.

Starting each morning the right way:

  • Begin the day with meditation and prayer
  • Exercise to increase your mood
  • Write your thoughts down, goals for short, medium and long term.
  • Write your feelings down in your journal. What are you struggling with?

It’s been said that the first hour is the rudder of the day. I’ve found this to be very true in my own life. If I’m lazy or haphazard in my actions during the first hour after I wake up, I tend to have a fairly lazy and unfocused day. — Steve Pavlin

You need to be primed and focused each day because it’s going to be tough at times.

Eat Sh*t

This might mean getting any job, reducing expenses, and selling stuff you don’t need right now. You would be surprised the stuff we can accumulate. Sell anything that is not essential. If it’s not generating income, it is a liability.

This may mean a downgrade in apartment or living arrangements to reduce expenses.

I remember experiencing the eat shit period as a child.

My mom left an abusive relationship and moved my sisters and I into a small apartment. We had no refrigerator, no living room furniture and only one bed.

The floors were oil painted and there was water only a couple times a week.

It was not ideal but slowly we built ourselves back up.

It may be the same for you, but only for as long as you are committed to getting out of your circumstances and getting to the next stage, you will. The next stage may be getting back into your field. In the interim, hustle is needed.

Just know that its gonna suck for a while.

Learn a new, transferable skill

This will be the most important part. Find a skill that you’re interested in and learn it. Save some of your salary to invest in yourself (more on that later).

Learn it well over time, to the point where you can begin to charge for the value you provide. Having a skill means that you can eventually get a high paying job or go out on your own. If the financial situation was to happen again you can easily transition to other job.

  • Trade skill (underrated!)
  • Copywriting/SEO
  • Website Development/Data Science

If you already have transferable skills, you should learn another skill that can compliment that skill, such as public speaking, Sales or Marketing.

Use your skills to start a side hustle

How can you apply your skills, as you acquire them, to earn you additional income? How can we use our past experience to start a side hustle?

  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Blog/Medium
  • Online store
  • Teaching a Class on Skillshare/Udemy

Even if you start earning a few dollars a month, it can be split into savings and reinvesting into the side hustle.

Get Help Managing Finances

At some point, you felt that you had a handle on your finances when you didn’t.

With the new job, the secondary purpose is learning to handle finances the right way.

If you are unable to manage 500 dollars a month, it will be difficult to manage 5000 a month.

Managing finances mean that firstly, we’re not looking to repeat the mistake. Here’s the plan:

  • Save some emergency money. (10%)
  • Save some money for investing, to increase our net worth. (15%)
  • Have some cash to do fun things. (10%)
  • Put cash aside for learning. For your transferable skill, you need to go deep. Reading several blogs or podcasts on the skill is going wide, and shallow. Investing money into courses or masterminds is going deep. (10%)
  • Put a sum aside for charity and giving back. There is someone out there with worse circumstances and you want to help that person. Every little bit counts. (5%)
  • Pay bills, food, travel, loans, etc. Find ways to keep expenses at 50% or lower. (50%)

We’re paying ourselves first from now on but to do this we need a method to keep us accountable.This may be a financial planner or automating our bank accounts to keep us honest.


Spend as much of your spare time going to seminars, meet-ups, and connecting with people on LinkedIn. Spend as much time adding value to your current network so they can help you level up.

As the saying says, your network is your net worth.

There will always be that one person who can help get you where you want to go. Get out there and meet them.

Be Patient

It may take twice as long to get out of the financial situation than it took to get into the situation. Or longer.

You have to be patient. Know that you have a plan and it will come through once you believe in it. Support of your friends and family to hold you accountable is key here as well.

Celebrate the Wins

Set up milestones you can use to celebrate.

There should be joy in progress. It doesn’t mean blowing your first pay-check. It could mean a pat on the back or a beer.

Make it small, and increase the rewards in relation to the next step in rebuilding.

Track Everything

Know where your money is going. Keep a budget so you would know what’s happening with your money. You will know what you can increase and what you should decrease.

Know where your time is going. What are you wasting extra hours doing? If it’s important to you get out of the situation, is your time being used to make that happen?

Know where your mind is going. Are you not seeing the end? Do you feel there is no hope? How often are negative thoughts popping up. Tracking your mind with a journal can help you challenge those negative thoughts.

Level Up wisely

As you stick to your plan and build momentum, it’s tempting to blow cash or make rash investments at the very first sight of light at the end of the tunnel.

Make your next moves with purpose and intention. If your gut says hell yes, make the move. If there’s doubt, it’s probably a bad move. Lean on your mentors if you feel unsure.


If you’re broke or down in the dumps financially, its really hard to see your way out of it. If you believe in yourself, take action, learn and grow mentally, you would earn so much more from the experience than financial freedom.

I know I will.

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