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You see this upwards trending chart?! Thats how you know its legit. Shout out to Chris Liverani for bringing the legitness.

So the journey for this, well, journey, I think plays out like this.

Step 1. Figure how to make outside money using the plethora of technologies that we have at our fingertips. Whether this is beer money, focus group money, online money or random money I am going to seek it out, try it, and then go from there with what works and what is a nightmare.

Step 2. Determine ways to amplify this initial pipeline into a stronger revenue base that can then be aggressively applied elsewhere. Ruling out straight up gambling because, while I am not risk adverse, I still want to be able to play this game for as long as I find it amusing.

Not this kind of amplification but shout out to Made by Morro for this dope pic

Step 3. ???????? Like I said this is a journey (join me wont ya?) so I have no idea what the step is.

Step 4. Profit and go from pennies to Porsche(s). Seems simple enough right? Yea sure, except for the fact that I don’t have a damn clue what the hell to do. So here is what I did. I started at step 2 because I’ve never been one to follow instructions especially if I was the one that wrote them down.

In my research I basically settled first on Robinhood as the first means of amplification that I would try.

Not this one, but damn isn’t Men in Tights brilliant?

But instead I’m talking about the Robinhood app for stock investment for what they call “the rest of us”. Oh ok, so here I have a somewhat risky (neat!) technology based (oh snap) app that I can try and use as a means of amplifying whatever pipeline I am able to construct. Also it is FREE and there are no commissions or fees to buy stock.

And here is where I already made a mistake. Robinhood has a referral program.This referral means that if someone signs up for the app through the referral then you both get a free stock to start. There is a 1 in 150 chance that said stock is something awesome like Facebook, but for the most part the stocks are in the $5 to $10 range.

God Robinhood crushes it with their graphics

So right out the gate I missed out on a free stock by not getting a referral from one of my buddies that already uses the app. You don’t have to make that same mistake cause you can use mine (I gotchu fam) by clicking here it gets you your free stock and gives me one as well, so thanks for that!

Ok so now how can I further use this referral program to my advantage thinks me. So I send out a few texts with the link and an explanation to my 3 friends that I know are interested in stocks, technology and making money.

Boom, three new stocks for me for about 5 minutes of work. I ended up with Fitbit, Zynga and Chesapeake Energy, all in for $14.78 worth of stock.

So now you can get up to $500 worth of stocks off of these referrals, which, if I don’t achieve is leaving free money on the table. Now how the hell do I get those referrals?

Documentary photo of how long it takes me to come up with a clever idea. Photo by Mathew Schwartz.

Then late at night I had the idea to try reddit. I went down a deep and dark reddit hole on the internet. Looking at subreddits like r/paidsignups and r/referralsforpay. All of these had specific rules against Robinhood and Acorn for example which was a huge bummer. In my head math, I thought if I could pay people something like 2 bucks to sign up I could still net a profit.

So shit on me there. That was a long and late night that just ended up being a waste of goddamn time. I thought of trying something like a Facebook ad or Craigslist post but we all know Facebook is full of bots and Craiglist is full of killers…so not going there.

And that leaves me here, with a partial step 2 in place with two major mistakes already. Missed out on a free stock, and still sitting here with a significant amount of free money available but inaccessible.

But oh well. That’s what this is for, to learn, grow and see if there is anything to this techno based gig economy.

So for the next step, I guess I have to start doing some research on making money in my spare time. I’m sure there will be SO MANY sites with valuable and legit information (Can you hear the sarcasm?!).

Until the next time, don’t make my mistake, use a Robinhood Referral if you are signing up because FML I’m pissed I didn’t do my research.

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