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Art piece that drew by 11 million dollar “brush” – Freyr Technology Limited Company – Medium

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Two criteria you’ll have to meet to do the painting:

  1. First of all, you will need a 11 million dollar Jet (or maybe a cheaper one) , and that is going to be your “brush” for painting.

2. Second, a experienced pilot will be the key to a successful art creation.

And then, it’s show time! Splash with your oil paint.

That’s right, this is Jet Art.

It’s quite different from paintings that we usually seen. The structure of the painting was all made by strong airflow from a jet’s engine.

The practitioner of Jet Art, Princess Tarinan von Anhalt from Florida said that the inspiration of jet art was came from her late husband Prince Jurgen von Anhalt. However the cost of this painting style was too expensive at that time, it took Jurgen two years to finally borrowed the jet. This art style remains little-known until Jurgen passed away.

It’s harder than you think. Tarinan has to wear special protective cloth every time she paints, to keep her safe from fierce airflow and up to 260 Celsius of heat.

And she did it.

Tarinan’s ultimate goal now is to paint on an airplane. She is not only an artist, but also a representative of a brand new art genre.

“When I’m in the midst of the creation, I don’t think of the force, I don’t think of the danger, I don’t think of the heat. I’m caught up in the moment. It’s addicting and you don’t want to stop.” — Tarinan von Anhalt

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