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The Unspoken Truth about Personal Finance for Women

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No truth needs to be told; it’s obvious. The personal finance sector of the web is still failing women.

Let me mouse on over to any blog about women’s personal finance, and what do I find? Topics about coupon cutting and budgeting for groceries. Don’t make me gag or even worse pass out. That advice isn’t covering it. You need real financial planning to help you achieve your goals. The majority of women are not served by the personal finances topics of the web or by Mr. Money Mustache, one of the top bloggers in the personal finance sphere these days.

Today I’m going to cover real strategies for empowering women to protect themselves, their time, their bodies, and their financial investments. Here we go.

No, coupon cutting is never going to get your finances in order.

Stop listening to advice that promotes you spending hours of your precious time cutting coupons. That advice will never be delivered to men’s personal finance blogs because it’s a waste of time. You are busy, and your time matters. You have no time to be sitting around playing with ads because to get good at it takes months. Also, coupons just promote you going to the store more often. Do you know what happens when you go to the store? You buy more stuff, and way more than just the item featured on the coupon. No means no. Stop couponing and start focusing on your future, or otherwise known as long term investments.

Long term investments always before short term investments.

Before any other savings gesture you need a few things to get going as recommended by the richest man ever, Warren Buffet.

  1. Contribute $5,500 to your Roth IRA every year. You want to be an instant millionaire in your old age, right? Then read up on Roth IRAs.
  2. No excuses. Max out your 401k. Yep, you need to put the maximum away every year because that money will grow tax free.
  3. Money left over? Put it in an Index Fund. Vanguard preferably.

And this is just the start.

Women make less than men. Here’s how to hack the global set-back, ladies.

Yes, right now this is a global fact. And the biggest personal finance win you can take on besides the tips above is to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. And negotiate hard. Learn how to make logical arguments in favor of yourself.

If you don’t feel comfortable about negotiating, think about it this way. Do you want Brian two cubes down to be making $40,000 a year more than you? Especially not while he bathes in the glory of his own mediocrity and you work your bum off.

Do us all a favor as your civic duty and negotiate your salary.

Stop buying into the marketing organized by people who don’t know what it’s like to be you.

Do you have really expensive routines like manicures, tanning, and shopping every weekend? Rethink this choice critically. Are these expensive routines, actually something that you care about placing your money into as an investment? Pop culture and Clinique a la Estee Lauder will tell you through massive amounts of advertising and thoughtful campaigns that you need to buy a whole lot of makeup to be beautiful.

I’m urging you to push back and to vote with your dollar. Yes, take care of your body, practice self-care, feel marvelously sexy, and show up for yourself. With that statement in consideration, where do you want to focus your time and attention? Put your money in long term investments rather than short term and watch your wealth grow. Long term investments make you rich.

Imagine your life without your partner.

It’s not a fun exercise by any means, but imagine your life without having your partner around. Are you still standing on your own two feet as an independent woman with established investments and savings?

If the answer is no, start rethinking the way you view your relationship. Is there space in your relationship for you to build a financial nest egg that is personal to you? You need to start now.

If the answer is yes, you win.

Envision the lifestyle of your dreams.

I know it’s cheese on toast but seriously, what does your ideal lifestyle look like? Is it more time to be outside in the sun and reconnect with those you love?

Is it working hard all the time just so you can have that one insanely cushy vacation a year? Hey, don’t look at me. Whatever dream gets you going will suffice.

Bookmark this dream of yours. In how many years would you like to achieve this lifestyle change? Write down the goal of achieving this milestone, and start saving to make it happen.

Does that dream life include totally free travel? Know the Chase Credit Card Pyramid like the back of your hand.

Thinking way back to when I asked you about the lifestyle of your dreams, did that dream picture include free travel? Well, that means you need to go ahead and take on the Chase Card Pyramid. Chase cards are known to be the best credit cards out there because of the fantastic rewards system that can definitely get you free flights. Here are the cards in order for which you should apply for them. For travel, you’ll want Chase Sapphire Preferred. For cash-back you’ll want Chase freedom, and for premium travel perks you’re going to want Chase Sapphire Reserve. I don’t have any affiliation with them, I promise. This is the advice I’ve received time and time again, and I’m delivering like the credit point cupid over here with my arrow.

Bad jokes aside, this is the formula you follow if you’re serious about building great rewards so you can travel with ease.

Now that we’re wrapping up this article I hope you see how much you’re worth (in the financial sense, people), and you’re worth more than the traps that a lot of these personal finance writers write for you. They’ve been putting you in a gender box with a bright pink bow, and it’s time to smash the box, and take control of your finances.

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