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Breakfast links: This heat map shows which DC neighborhoods get the hottest

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Just how hot is DC? This maps shows you on a neighborhood scale.

Urban heat islands — where hard surfaces like parking lots amplify and trap heat and release it at night — are well documented. New satellite images of DC neighborhoods show that lower-income areas experience hotter temperatures, and residents there have more heat-related illnesses.  (Jacob Fenston / WAMU)

The transportation revolution might have made people smaller

Ahead of the Civil War, the recorded US population saw their heights and lifespans shrink and no one was sure why. A new study points to the increase in transportation options as a cause, which moved people — and their diseases — around the country.  (Laura Bliss / Citylab)

DC’s AG is suing auto repair companies for polluting the Anacostia

DC's Attorney General Karl Racine is suing auto repair and sales companies in the Langdon neighborhood in Northeast DC for polluting the Anacostia River with toxic materials such as used motor oil, which can kill plants and animals.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

Advocates plan to protest closing DC General homeless shelter

Advocates opposed to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser's plan to close DC General this year will protest today, August 31, arguing that the plan is moving too quickly and will harm families currently staying at the shelter.   (Andrew Giambrone / Curbed)

Only one more weekend of Red Line shutdowns to go

Fear not weary commuters: the 45-day Red Line shutdowns are coming to an end on Tuesday after Labor Day. Note that there will also be work on the Green and Yellow lines over the weekend.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

Residents and employees protest service cuts at Providence Hospital

Residents and employees are worried about the suddenly-announced closure of acute care services at Providence Hospital, arguing the move will further decrease vital medical services for residents in northeast DC.  (Elly Yu / WAMU)

SWAT teams are most often deployed against communities of color

Districts with SWAT teams do not have lower crime rates, a new study from the National Academy of Sciences finds. The study also found that SWAT deployments by local police forces are most often used against communities of color.  (Tanvi Misra / Citylab)

A new veterans-oriented brewpub has opened in Barracks Row

A new brewpub opening in Barracks Row has put veterans at the center of its business, from hiring to sourcing inventory.  (Laura Hayes / City Paper)

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