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12 big ideas tackling healthcare, manufacturing, food waste and more

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Elaine Burke | Silicon Republic Startups

Enterprise Ireland’s 10th Big Ideas showcase comes to the Guinness Storehouse on 5 September 2018. At the event, 12 promoters will pitch their big ideas to investors, hoping to secure a deal or partnership that will bring their development to the next level.

Just one of these big ideas will walk away with the Enterprise Ireland One to Watch Award. Which one will it be?

AtriAN Medical

Atrial fibrillation (or AFib) is the occurrence of an irregular, often rapid heart rate that can increase risk of stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

A new approach for treatment of AFib originated at Mayo Clinic in the US and was further developed in collaboration with NUI Galway, resulting in AtriAN Medical. AtriAN’s technology targets the origin of the electrical signals that cause AFib.

By delivering short pulses of electrical energy to clusters of neuronal cells on the outside of the heart in which the arrhythmia originates, this treatment selectively targets the cells responsible for the errant signals without damaging the heart muscle.

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Source: 12 big ideas tackling healthcare, manufacturing, food waste and more


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