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7 Questions to Discover What’s Stopping Your Success

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If your intention is to help more people, you shouldn’t be afraid of earning a lot of money

Perhaps you’re already all-in on building a passion-based business. You may be a life coach and your heart does a back flip of happiness when one of your clients has a major breakthrough. You may be all about yoga and helping people connect body and mind. Or, perhaps like me, you’re passionate about personal growth, supporting heart– and soul-centered businesses and pushing yourself toward your personal greatness and you want to share what you’ve learned by helping others. No matter the method you have chosen to share your message and do your work in the world, I’d bet the bottom line is that you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Passion and a strong sense of purpose are extraordinarily strong motivators. You don’t have to look far for examples of highly successful and profitable passion-based businesses in the mainstream (think Apple, Google, Zappos, Amazon) or in the helper-healer-teacher field (think Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar). These are multi-million and –billion dollar companies that grew from a seedling desires to leverage inherent talents and serve others with excellence. When you have a powerful emotional attachment to a process or an outcome, you’re much more likely to go the extra mile and not only get to the finish line but run through it with gusto.

I would argue leveraging your passion into creating the biggest, most profitable business you can and one based on doing good for others is perhaps the noblest path of all. By doing so, you honor your own talents and yearnings and you create the means by which to serve humanity on a greater scale, as well as the resources you can share philanthropically, if you so choose. In fact, pursuing your passion isn’t irresponsible but instead completely necessary to achieve a phenomenal level of success.

But, what if you’ve got the requisite passion and purpose and you’re not finding the levels of success you want? You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels… like you’re working your tail off and it’s getting you nowhere. Assuming you’re doing the necessary work (not simply wishing for success) and you’re implementing effective strategies to connect with your Ideal Customers and build a thriving business, what could be stopping your success?

The Hidden Beliefs that Sabotage Your Business

Where heart-centered entrepreneurs can trip themselves up is by harboring unsupportive beliefs like passion and purpose don’t mix with profit,
“good” or “noble” people should serve first and benefit last, or money is dirty. Society has ingrained such beliefs in us through sayings like “It’s better to give than to receive” or from the Bible “… it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Being rich precludes us from being a good person or being a force for good in the world, it would seem. I used to believe such things until one day I realized that if I only had $1 to my name, I could only give away $1 to help others. If I had $1 million, I could give away $1 million and do a heck of a lot more good in the world.

So, how do you overcome limiting beliefs and instead build your own thriving, passion-based business? You must:

Most importantly, to be build a massively successful business, your purpose and passion for sharing your message and positively impacting others has to be stronger than your fear or anxiety about putting yourself out there in a big way and taking the necessary actions.


Your WHY has to be bigger than your fears. @ChristineParma #motivation #business

Even if you never earn millions, you can create a fantastic living from your passion-based business, either as a part-time gig or a full-time entrepreneurial endeavor, and positively impact more lives at the same time.

I’ve created the series of questions below to help you identify the fears keeping you from fully pursuing and profiting from your passion and joy. When you bring some of your fears into the light by naming them, you become empowered to begin the process of dissolving them. After all, you can’t find a solution to a problem you don’t know you have.

7 Questions to Help You Discover
What’s Stopping Your Success

1. What fears do you have around pursuing your Passion and doing it in a big way? For example, are you afraid that it’s not possible for you to make money doing what you love? Do you have a fear of public speaking? Are you afraid of what others may think of you?

2. Do you think that creating a successful, purpose-centered and passion-based business will simply be too hard? If so, what specific steps of building a business or creating success seem too difficult for you to handle?

3. What beliefs do you hold around money or wealthy people? What do you fear you might become if you were rich?

4. How do you fear your life might change for the worse if you had a successful business?

5. Let’s imagine the flipside of fear. If you did have a magic wand that erased all of those fears, how would you feel? Would you feel confident, self-assured, excited and energized when you shared your message? What’s keeping you from feeling that way now?

6. What could you do and how could you be if those fears weren’t stopping you? How would your life be different? If you already have a passion-based business, how would your business be different if you moved past your fears? How many more people could you help?

7. What knowledge, tools or resources do you need to acquire and apply in order to move your passion-based business toward generating 6- and 7-figure income for you?

For a deeper dive into how to start moving past the fears holding you back, please read my blog post The 5 Big Fears That Keep You Stuck in a Job You Hate. I guide you through a quick and easy exercise you can use to immediately empower yourself to move forward into action.

If you invest the time and effort into digging a bit deeper and acquire resources that can quickly move you forward, you’ll be on your way to turning your passion into profit.

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

  • What are some of the fears and limiting beliefs holding back your success?
  • If you’ve overcome fears in the past, how did you do it?

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Shine Brilliantly!


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