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4 Steps to achieve the Good Life – Gershon Moses – Medium

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The good life

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Everybody wish for a good life however not everybody is living the good life. I heard a song by G-easy featuring Kehlani. Titled the good life it has some tips about how to attain and live the good life.

These are the notable points in the song that I found out.

1. Take responsibility for your life

We put the bad in the past, now we alright ]The number one key to success is taken responsibility of your life, outcomes, and results. Are you a person who pushes blame to the next object around? Listen to this you may be born in a family but It you cannot blame your parents for your failure.

They may have failed but you have a choice of success too. Are you living in a pass experience that hurts you and you don’t want to let go? Events are meant to shape our future. If you are abused then ask Oprah Winfrey how she is able to make it in life after being serially abused but she didn’t allow it to deter her from achieving her dreams and is now one of the richest black women on the face of the earth. Her story is an inspiration to millions.

I found this interesting: two brothers who had a father who is a drunk. As a result, they were poor as the boys grow up, one became successful while the other ended up like the father a drunk and broke. When both were ask on separate occasions the successful said he use his condition as a motivation not to end up like their dad. While the other said what do you expect when you have a father like mine. Mother Theresa said “yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come we have only today. Let us begin” Buddha every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters.

2. Work plus teamwork

I put my team in position,

Good life does not come from nothing it’s a result of hard work and team work. You may say I’m doing my thing nobody is helping out. Let me remind you that you cannot achieve greatness alone. My teacher said all the money you can ever think of is in other people’s hand. What makes the people to give you the money they have is good will and exchange for something of equal value. Building cordial relationship is a priceless currency. Your team is anybody that is crucial to your success. Don’t take them for granted. Customers, employees (even self made millionaires don’t make their money from nothing the work with others build relationships and trust that gives them leverage in whatever they are engaged in.

How you make it and your team still stay the same

This point is very important because many people believe that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket not always true someone said put them in one basket and watch until they hatch.

Successful people are people of focus they succeed in one venture before venturing in to another venture. It is a popular sating that jack of all trade master of none. Your strength is in your uniqueness find it , develop it and sell it and wait for the good life.

3. Perseverance

Stay down from the jump and they never change

You may be doing your best and result doesn’t seem to show forth never be discouraged surely your breakthrough is coming is just a matter of time. Say this to yourself I will prepare my opportunity is coming.

4. Results

The proof is in the paper

After the rain comes the sun, there is a silver lining in every cloud. After paying your dues the papers will start rolling in, the good life is now yours to live. A famous saying is goes people don’t see the sweat but the fine face.

#6 Straight up from nothing we go

It doesn’t matter where you come from you can make it in life as long as you are willing to pay the price

Recap of what the good like:

Pour some Clicquot in a glass, have a toast to success

No lookin’ back here, no more bein’ broke and distressed

I put my heart into this game like I opened my chest

We only pray for more M’s while you hope for the best

We make these plays, man I’m finessin’ these checks

Time’s up for everybody, I’m collectin’ on debts

And I swear this champagne just tastes better on jets

I’m just out here bein’ great, man, this as real as it gets


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