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8 Points That Goodbye To Your Becoming Rich – Alihan Ozan – Medium

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The purpose of people is to be rich but some mistakes make people down in their life. İn some moments you have to say goodbye to your fantastic dream of being rich. Generally people that haven’t entrepreneur soul or hesitate realize their risk only by dreaming. İn future if you want to be rich and wealth person you need to attention in following elements.

Let’s See This 8 Big Problem Prevent You From Being A Rich Person

Work Without Plans

things prevent to be wealthy If you work much instead of effective you can say ‘’ by-by ‘’ to your richness dreams. Unfortunately, you can’t access your dream without work regularly. Wealthy businessman, entrepreneurs do plans for everything. Basically, ‘’ when I have to wake up? ‘’ But this is divine feature for humans. Instead of spending hours on any subject, you should focus on finding the most effective solutions as soon as possible.

Focus On Save Money

İn fact to save money is usual thing but if you focus only to save money you can miss investment chance. You couldn’t forget first rules of being wealthy person is to do invest. The most rich person in the world is an investor.

Don’t Budget

If you purchase more from your earning congratulations! We have a budget problem. To be a wealthy human with this way is almost impossible. Generally, Educators, public servants apply this method. They earn fixed money as monthly therefore they keep a lot money with this way. So a correct income-expense balance will help you take the first steps to become rich.

Accept Fixed Salary

Fixed salary mentality can only offer you a comfortable life but it will not help you to realize your dreams. If you want to be rich, you need to think big. ‘’ Play big live big ‘’ Salary may be important until you come to a point. Unfortunately, being successful in directing the salary you receive will lead to success

Don’t Investment Decision

The first condition of being so rich is making the right investment. İf you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to evaluate your investment opportunities. With this way you can reach your dream step by step.

Don’t Focus Your Mind And Decisions

This proposal is generally similar to a fixed salary. Working on someone else’s ideas does no push you forward much and this is not a way for being rich. If you want to be rich you need to focus on developing your venture ideas. In doing so, you must combine your experiences with your knowledge at work.

Being Aimless

It can be say there is no entrepreneurship’s example if you have no aim. You need to aim and route. A ship without compass is condemned to sink. Afterward, you need to list to reach your richness dream. To be rich without plan seen impossible.

Don’t Believe Yourself

This is absolutely fatal topic to be rich. You need to believe yourself while you start your richness adventure. Also, you always need to make plans for the future. Otherwise you may continue to work with low salaries. you come to the world for first time. Don’t let yourself to die before you live your dreams.

You can also look from rich people’s general features ” persuade to people ”

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