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The TELOS token value, Part 1.

First of all, TELOS means the ultimate purpose of a thing. The Telos network is a new network based on a code-fork of the EOSIO software that also powers EOS. Telos will use a token distribution identical to the EOS genesis snapshot. One thing that will give Telos (TLOS) token value is the amount of distribution of the tokens. Everyone knows simple economics which is that the less of something that exists, the more value it has. Think of 1 ounce of gold versus 1 ounce of silver. The assumption is that Gold is in less supply that Silver. There has been lots of arguments that more Gold exists than Silver but that is a topic for another day.

Anyway, the distribution of the EOS is one of the most concentrated of all Cryptocurrencies. Telos token distribution will be the most distributed because analysis was conducted by log transforming the EOS snapshot data, a common technique used by data scientists and statisticians to better analyze highly skewed data. Using this data, the Telos team came up with some important numbers. Below is the distribution log for EOS.

EOS has a circulating supply of about 996,691,000. About 1.6% of addresses own about 90% of the coins. During the snapshot happening sometime in September, 2018, all the genesis addresses will be capped at 40,000 (TLOS). This will diminish the amount of TLOS those 1.6% addresses will get. Capping it at 40,000 TLOS will reduce the circulating TLOS by about 865,000,000 TLOS. The amount of circulating tokens will be reduced from 996,691,000 EOS to 178,473249 TLOS tokens. Assuming another 78.6% (Fibonacci level) of 178,439,249 will be added back into the money supply due to tokens created for petitioning exchanges, the supply will rise to approximately 318,753,222. An additional 13,000,000 tokens will be created for the Telos Founders Reward Pool, Telos Community Rewards Pool, and Telos Foundation creating a total money supply of approximately 331,753,222 TLOS tokens — about one-third of the EOS money supply.

In conclusion, since the amount of TLOS tokens in supply will be one third that of EOS, this should give a lot of value to TLOS tokens. For more detailed information on the 40,000 TLOS cap per account at the snapshot, check out the links below…

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