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Since we live in a capitalistic society, we have to teach our children in this world. They have how to earn money, how to spend them, how to plan a month or year budget by the time they enter the big world themselves. Today banks offer child cards for kids 14+. Before that parents have to deal with cash and don’t give us habitual money spent analyze that mobile banking can provide.

The project about which we will talk about today partly helps and works in this direction. What is Pigzbe? This is a crypto wallet for children 6 years and older, with the release of their Wollo token. It is made in the best traditions of usability and is focused on children, i.e. friendly financial assistant who will help and teach children the principles of modern money and security in the overall financial system.

If we imagine some analogies between our generation and the generation of our parents, then in general terms it is the evolution of the piggy bank from their childhood. The new economy has come, the digital economy has come and the products have adapted many old principles in a new way. Moreover, for children, this is a completely new direction and it teaches them the future management and distribution of their financial assets.

With the invention of blockchain technology 10 years ago, at the moment it has already become realized that even the existing financial system can be substantially modernized and simplified in its use. All these advantages are already well-known, those who have long been following the development of block products. Here’s the short list of them:
– Significant reduction in commission fees for transactions. And if within one person this may not be so noticeable, then globally it’s millions of dollars a year
– Erases the boundaries, both in use and in the speed of money transfer to any part of the world. Only the Internet is needed to use its assets. With the banking system, especially if this is a currency transfer, not to mention the usual transfer, it does not work so quickly
– Smart contracts are a very breakthrough idea and technology that allows you to remove unnecessary links in the financial / accounting chain, which can already significantly reduce the costs of its maintenance, and also automates and simplifies the execution of various operations

The Pigzbe project team, using all the developments, creates a common family ecosystem, which will give control over it, as from the parents. So is the opportunity to teach the child general provisions and immerse him in this world.

For parents, it will be possible to create a child profile, create a family network and invite family members, view the overall balance of the child’s profiles and account, as well as the standard set of operations like receiving/sending, exchanging, etc.

For the child, in this case, the basic set of functions, like getting sending to your parents, controlling your balance, playing mode of training and a number of nice bonus tasks and gifts. Among other things, the application for children is made in a cartoon, pleasant style:

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Finally, I note that at the moment the application is already available on mobile platforms and PC platforms. That is a good indicator, and you can install it and see it. In the rest, the project is interesting enough and works in a niche, which in any case will develop.

Check out their website and Medium for more info.

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