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Last November I wrote a blog just before heading out to the Future of Money and Technology event in San Francisco, California. In that post I said I would follow up with another article detailing my key takeaways from the event — this post is that follow up.

I hadn’t been to a conference in quite a while, I haven’t been out on the show circuit lately. Usually at events such as this I’m looking for that aha moment — when a voice cuts through the din and speaks to me, like God telling me something. However at this event I didn’t get that moment from any of the many speakers I listened to intently during the event …

Although the conference was chock full of accomplished, interesting people, working on some fantastic projects — I did not glean my moment from any of these highly astute people.

I had my aha moment from the event itself.

What I discovered is the fact that as much as I try and deny and turn away from it, as much as I fight to try to dissolve the nagging thoughts and deny my responsibility, I have a calling.

Although there was plenty of ideas and inspiration in the air, none of them resonated with me on a deep enough level to catapult me into action. Instead, thanks to the random invite from the conference organizer, Brian Zisk, the conference itself inspired me to answer my calling and organize an entirely new conference series focused on the payments industry.

I had been toying with the idea quietly for quite some time, but at the same time denying and fighting the idea within myself. I had discussed it privately with several friends from the industry who had been involved in my previous Social Mobile Payments conference. I was conflicted internally, but the Future of Money event validated the voice in my head. I needed to do totally new event focused on payments for the forthcoming decade — 2020 and beyond.

So here I am writing a blog post telling you about my plans and setting them into action. As Admiral David Farragut ordered during the battle for Mobile Bay in 1864 “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!.” I’m casting aside all my misgivings, doubts, and beginning to organize a totally new event, slated to take place in the spring of 2020.

I’ve decided to name this new event to reflect the contemporary simplicity of our modern communication style and have dubbed this symposium and exposition simply “#PAY”.

I’m starting anew with a fresh concept because I feel the convergence of social, mobile & payments that I focused in previous events is now no longer a fresh idea, it’s kind of behind the curve now.

When I organized the first Social Mobile Payments event in 2011 the concept was future-forward, now it’s accepted as a reality and has become the predominant fiber in the fabric of our everyday lives. The SMP conference focused on a future-forward, but very niche market aspect, but was not inclusive of the entire industry.

This new forthcoming event will be all-inclusive with a broader set of topics, across the entire spectrum of organizations that comprise the payments industry. We’ll also do a deep dive into the ancillary technologies that are affecting fintech’s growth as we transition into our next decade here on earth. Fintech is sending shockwaves through traditional financial institutions and service structures. New capabilities and currencies are disrupting what was traditionally a sedentary and very staid industry.

The decade spanning from 2010 to 2020 has brought about great change we fervently embraced mobile never letting go of our smartphones for a minute. However this next decade holds tremendous possibility; promising us blistering speed 5G networks, immersive ambient computing and a increasingly nomadic population that will result in a totally new society.

Look back at the phone and computer you used in 2010, and compare it to where we are today. In 2010 I carried a Blackberry Curve 3310 and had a humongous desktop computer running Windows 7. Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in January of that year and 3G networks were the standard here in the US. This look back and comparison to today provides a glimpse of how the next decade will bring about unrecognizable changes and exponential growth.

Organizing such an event entails quite a bit of ramp-up time leading up to the actual show so I am starting now. I am organizing the conference to take place in the Spring of 2020 in Miami, Florida,

I’ve already begun soliciting proposals from some fantastic destinations for this must-attend event and will soon be announcing the show dates and venue. I want to give the industry time to learn about and participate in the event. I’ve broadened the focus of the show to include all the players from every segment of the payments marketplace.

We’ll not only discuss the innovation, but we’ll also tackle the current issues prevailing in the marketplace. We’ll have point-counterpoint discussions between institutions and their disruptors. We’ll hear presentations from both innovators and the incumbents as we discuss the future of finance in decade to come. If you or your organization would like to participate in the event, I welcome you all. I’ll be gathering a group of people to act as an advisory board in organization of the speakers, agenda, and topics of discussion, as well as the event itself.

I’m looking for speakers, sponsors and supporters to participate in the event. I’m issuing a call for papers in a forthcoming press release announcing and detailing the show. I want everyone’s involvement in the event. We’ll be creating an awards ceremony that spotlights the best and brightest people and companies working to make our world a better place.

There is much to do, however I am allotting plenty of time in which to accomplish these and many other goals. If you would like to be involved in the event please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to understanding your insights and having your participation.

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