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You don’t sell things. You take money from peep’s pocket and pour it into yours

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And no, that’s not called stealing.

There’s no better way to sound like an asshole.

That’s what I do. That’s what thousands smart peeps do.

It’s called direct sales and unlike everything you already heard about, it brings result.

With this one you aren’t building a fan crowd, satisfying their demand and flushing after they poopoo.


You build a strong’n powerful message making peeps willing to buy *now* and not later after the tv show, the video game they are playing or worse, after their book.

It’s called harsh-cold sales. Most internet folks don’t know about it because it’s as old the Egyptian world.

In a single line.

You *need* something? Take it. I’ll take your money.

There’s a need. There’s a product. They match.

I’m not drawing it to you.

It’s nothing revolutionary. Just something forgotten by many peeps which is taken another big start right now.

While most internet folks are busy building audiences, writing thousands of tweets per day and shooting 10 videos a week. Some other, smart persons are writing sales letters using copywriting.

It’s not only more rewarding. It’s super fun to do.

Let along the boring “produce *more* content”. Once you understand how to drive sales. How other peeps think, and why they do things.

And that’s just as powerful as being a god’like mind-reader.

Offering peeps what they want. Getting them to accept it. Just before selling awesome hooks to sell.

The deal isn’t about selling crap to peeps you know nothing about.

Nah. That’s oldschool. It’s what most internet peeps do by creating a huge following and then dumping some products.

What we do is different.

We target specific peeps based on their market.

You know…

  • The techy guy who will buy any gadget
  • The geeky-gamer who will buy anything related to video games
  • The foodie who’s into new recipes
  • The young girl who wants to look good at all cost

By choosing markets instead of products, we ensure that peeps will be into our offers. And that’s powerful. It’s impossible that no one will be interested by what we sale. Because we have a targeted market we build upon.

No more… damn, I don’t know who I’m selling to.

Damn. I have no idea which product I should come up with.

Having a market is a huge solution. Figure out new trends in the market. And you’re done.

Next step?

Peeps have problems.

And everyone in a market likely have the same problems.

All young girls who want to look good… want to look good to impress boys, to buy self-esteem, to get other girls jealous…

Geeky-gamers. They want video games to escape the realm of reality. They want to evade, move out in world where they can be winners.

And so on, and on the carousel go round.

It never stops.

Everyday. Every week. It’s open. It goes on and on.

Young girls don’t just stop wanting to look good.

And geeky-gamers don’t just get good at life.

It doesn’t happen.

And even when some peeps get out of a market, new peeps get in.

So… why bother building a product which will be outdated within months when you can just capitalize on markets?

You guessed it.

Building on markets is much more effective on the long term.

Once you know how to please a market, you know how to sell everything to this market.

It’s about words, feelings, needs and all those salesy strategies you learned about in copywriting.

What’s easy here?

With a market composed of peeps alike, it’s easier than ever to write a text that resonates with ALL of them.

Instead of writing dozens and dozens of texts to fit your peeps, you just write one which fits a market.

Pretty smart move indeed.

Once you understand how to appeal this audience, you understand what kind of product they want.

And that’s where I tell you how to make money.

Because that’s what everyone want to know. Plus it’s not even easy. It’s simple.

You learned everything about your market, which now is your audience.

What keeps them up after midnight, what they really want. What their wife ignores about them and things like that.

It’s time to go for the killing.

Peeps who need something + you who have the thing they need.

You know what happens here?


That’s it.

You never cold call anyone. You never did anything crazy.

And sales are pouring in.

I know, I know. It’s mind-blowing of simplicity.

Don’t we say that the simplest things are the most efficient?

Or maybe did I made this up.

Going further ahead before you ask questions, yes I write crack like this article. A lot.

And yes, that’s free to read.

Take your shot right now.

Hit that follow button and never regret not making money online.

Does it even make sense?

No clue here.

Have a nice day,

Mike D.

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