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KILL YOUR PLAN B TO GET TO FAST SUCCESS! – Camilla Kristiansen – Medium

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One day you have to just kill your plan B. You have to go all in with that business. Don’t you think that you plan B will hold you back if you always have that in mind? “You can always go back to a crappy job” “You can try it out and see how this business thing will go”. Right?

You are killing your plan A because you are more caught up in your Plan B. “If I not get to my final destination I can always go back”. Right? It is a big mistake to not go all in.

Yes, it takes time and effort to build a business and to be an entrepreneur. That’s why not everyone are doing it. It will take money effort, pain, investment, you want to quit, you will feel like a failure. Whatever it takes, you have to go for your plan A and give it your all.

You are meant to do this soul work because you have to, you can NOT stop doing it. You have to have that passion and fire inside to KNOW that this is it. I’m going to make because I have it inside me. I can see this inside me and I can feel it come alive.

You have to ignore it all. Ignore the pain, ignore when things doesn’t work out, ignore the negativity and you will keep going until you are dead. Will you not? Are you not in it because you love it?

If you don’t love this business you have created then get the hell out of it. You don’t deserve success then. If you don’t love your job, then quit and start that business you dream about. Stop blaming it on the society when you always have a choice. Whatever you are choosing today, choose it because you love it. You’re never trapped, only in your mind will you be trapped.

The laptop lifestyle your dream about, the travels, money, fame, friends that you see in your future can come faster if you kill your plan B. There’s no plan B, only plan A. So what do you choose lovely?!


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