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The cashless age is not far.

As internet penetration is starting to reach even the farthest portions of the world, the digital era is beginning to immerse more people. One of the most obvious outcomes of this has been a growth in digital payment services.

Reality is that cash is inconvenient and, in the age of Amazon and GrubHub, convenience is one of the most desirable value additives. Digital wallets are quickly gaining ground as they are easy to access and don’t ever require an ATM run. However, one of the problems with people’s desire for utmost convenience is that they often overlook the sacrifices that have to be made for convenience.

Data Oligarchs

Most of the digital wallets are created or owned (due to acquisitions) by the major tech giants.

Tech industry’s leading firms are already infamous for the unbelievable amounts of data they hoard on each user. As the world enters the cashless age, this breach on people’s data is about to not only grow, but also become severely condensed within a small number of hands.

People should not have to give up every bit of their information to the giants in order to leverage the payment conveniences the digital era brings. Some of the greatest blockchain developments were pinned upon this principle. A new blockchain project carries the belief in data privacy and security a step forward by providing an open-source and trustless digital wallet.

Your New Digital Wallet

Rubius is a fintech company that aims to provide people a digital wallet that secures both their wealth and their data.

Aryl will be Rubius’s digital wallet, capable of supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Aryl functions in compliment with Rubiex, which is Rubius’s cryptocurrency exchange. This means that people will be able to transfer money in both fiat and cryptocurrency, as per their choice. Nonetheless, the wallet’s own technology will remain open-source and will be based upon a decentralized protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, the world is about to get a means to store and transfer money without relying on a centralized entity.

Additionally, Rubius can make it possible to build an infrastructure for wealth transfer that does not rely on any centralized entity. As Aryl can make it possible for people to transfer wealth in the form of cryptocurrencies, people will be able to transfer their wealth through a trustless channel via a decentralized currency.

Rubius’s application and exchange will allow people to be in full control of their wealth and its flow while also being able to secure their payments’ and transactional data. This blockchain development will allow people to enjoy one of the most notable conveniences of the digital age without sacrificing any security.

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