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Introducing our team of passionate innovators and specialists that are dedicated to making ARYZE the world’s primary payment infrastructure

Founder & CEO

ARYZE CEO, Jack Nikogosian

Jack Nikogosian is CEO and founder of ARYZE. He comes from an educational
background within marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has
extensive professional experience working with cryptocurrencies and
blockchain technology.

He has a burning passion for developing and challenging the possibilities for
digital financial solutions. With ARYZE, he has initiated a mission to make it
easier, cheaper, and more secure to transfer money. The vision is to improve
the way the world transfers value globally.

Jack is a voice of influence in cryptocurrency and blockchain circles. In 2013, he founded the Facebook group: Bitcoin Talk — Denmark, which currently has close to 14,000 members. Since 2015, he has been known in the media as Bitcoin Jack, for the time when he lived off of Bitcoin for a month.

In his professional career, he has worked with Coinify (as head of their innovation lab) and NETS, and has held lectures for companies such as Microsoft, Copenhagen Business School, and HELLA. He has acted as consultant for Kammeradvokaten to provide insight into ICO models and distributed ledgers, as an expert in blockchain technology. Also, he has held meetings to confer with ApplePay, VISA, and Cooley regarding future payment solutions.

Jack has been the keynote speakers at numerous events, most recently the Danish People’s Meeting where political and cultural discussions take place. Despite his young age, he has become a unique figure in the European blockchain sector. His award-winning vision for ARYZE is taking shape, where the goal is to improve the way the world transfers value globally.

Co-Founder & CFO

ARYZE Co-Founder, Morten Nielsen

Morten Nielsen has more than 20 years of experience in finance. With expertise from JP Morgan in London and Tokyo for five years, as well as a senior position at UBS as global head of hedge fund derivative marketing, he gained a great insight into the world of finance.

Since then, he has also gained considerable knowledge of ICO’s and the regulations surrounding them and has today positioned himself as an expert in the field. The digitalization of financial assets is a great passion of Morten’s, and his vision for a globalized digital system plays a significant role in the success of ARYZE.

Co-Founder & Community Manager

ARYZE Co-Founder, Carl Jenster

Carl Jenster is a marketing and business development specialist with a diverse cultural background, global perspective, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Having spent seven years in Shanghai, Carl has had years of exposure to a wide variety of cultures and languages, and has a gift for empathic understanding — making him invaluable in developing marketing strategies.

Carl has worked in marketing departments for large corporations like KRISS and ISS, in Switzerland and Taiwan respectively, where he has accentuated his French and Mandarin language skills. As co-founder and community manager at ARYZE, his tasks vary greatly — a “Jack of All Trades,” with roles in marketing management, community growth, event management, as well as a role in managing ARYZE as a business.

Project Manager

ARYZE Project Manager, Raya Slavova

Raya Slavova joined ARYZE as Project Manager in early 2018. She has experience from international scaling startups in Denmark and Malaysia and has previously worked on developing business concepts for blockchain projects, such as on-chain passport storage and digital identification.
At ARYZE, she is supporting daily and strategic business activities. Some of her responsibilities include recruiting, structuring the workflow in the company, planning, and execution of market research and other project-based tasks.

Communications Manager

ARYZE Communications Manager, Rasmus Bruun

Rasmus Bruun holds a masters degree in communication and joined as PR manager for ARYZE on February 1st, 2018. He has a background as a journalist and PR consultant, and his roles include communicating with relevant media outlets and handling all requests from the press.

He is also responsible for all communication on social media and in online communities. Furthermore, he represents ARYZE in all aspects regarding conferences and events where the company participates.

Brand Manager

ARYZE Brand Manager, Michaela Hendrickson

As the brand manager, Michaela Hendrickson is responsible for conceptualizing and executing the firm’s branding. Educated in Graphic Design, Michaela focuses on creating a strong brand awareness that highlights the ARYZE story. She designs and implements all print and digital assets, as well collaborates with marketing strategists within the firm.

Software Solutions Architect

ARYZE Software Solutions Architect, Thomas Wisbech

Thomas Wisbech holds a Masters Degree from Aalborg University in Mediaology (Technology Specialization). He has more than 10 years of experience as a solutions enthusiast and full-stack developer working with machine learning and algorithms, with proficiency in a wide variety of programming languages. Thomas is heavily involved with the authoring of our technical white paper, technical development of our platform, as well as influencing the direction of our choice of technology.

Finance Manager

ARYZE Finance Manager, Thomas Myers

Thomas Myers has worked in the international finance industry for the last 11 years, working at numerous accountancy firms and banks in Copenhagen, Denmark, Leeds, United Kingdom and Geneva, Switzerland.

With Thomas´ experience and knowledge, he is responsible for all the internal accounting needs and helps with ARYZE’s ongoing need for structuring and implementing internal processes.

Business Developer

ARYZE Business Developer, Daniel Cappiello

Daniel Cappiello is a dual Italian-American citizen, and has joined ARYZE as business developer. His journey began with a biomedical engineering degree and includes a masters degree in international public health.

Daniel has worked as teacher of evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, blockchain, technology and society, public health and distance learning at universities in New York and Copenhagen. Since 2014, he has worked with various companies and organizations to democratize access to blockchain technology in Europe and Africa.

Interested in joining ARYZE? See our careers page at Also, you should join our community on Telegram!

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