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…and help others solving their problems! …money will appear, as people won’t miss your best ideas and highest creativity! …which doesn’t continue without getting payed for it best and highest at the end! …to keep you independent and at the“state of the art” in your professions and surrounding subjects/sciences! …and relaxed enough, to stay curious and open-minded for the challenges of the future! …and well suited enough, to develop your ideas/thoughts!

My daughter — sweet 16 — came along with here idea of a career, after her way through school and university, sometime in the future.

When I asked her, what where the points of here decission, she meant earning the most money is the target to reach through out the whole way.

After some discussions, what had been her best ideas/projects, with here highest creativity, she is most proud of and would like to come up with more often, we finalized, that it never had to do with money, but fun/happyness while in process/progress and her rapidly growing knowledge, by overcoming the problems in ‘design’ and processes in the project.

And the very final point — you easily spend 100% more energy, then the average, when you are ‘happy’ and even 200%, while in fighting problems and won’t loose this attitude over time, because you are ‘behind’ what you are doing!

Staying above the nowadays neccesarry minimum of 120+% therefore is not burning one out and always leaves enough reserves for urgent peaks!

She then realized, that it’s exactly the way life works in any other fields — make yourself most sexy for what-/whomever you want to attract, with the necessarry attitude therefore!

Be of knowledge and energy for what you are doing, never loosing the focus on your inspiration and keep your senses und mind wide open, while on your way and one will offer even more money, as payment for what you achieve!!!

Money is the totally wrong focus, as it is not a target, but just an exchange-tool and always faster, than you, when you try to catch it!

Luck just is, when preperation meets opportunity!!!
…and then you might still have ‘some’ badluck…

So just be prepared!

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