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Breakfast links: Cyclists are taking bike lane enforcement into their own hands

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Cyclists in DC are dealing with bike lane blockers themselves

A group of DC cyclists are documenting the drivers that park in the city's bike lanes online. DC's enforcement of cars and trucks in bike lanes has dropped since 2016, leading the city's cyclists to take these ad hoc measures.  (Jordan Pascale / WAMU)

Four MoCo students were struck by a driver while waiting for their school bus

On Tuesday, two cars collided on Georgia Avenue in Montgomery County. One driver lost control and hit four students who were waiting for their school bus on the nearby sidewalk. All four were hospitalized for their injuries, and a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition.  (Post)

Metro could allow stores and food sales in its stations

On Thursday, the Metro Board could decide to let stations rent space for commercial use, including food sales, outside the station gates. The proposal would also establish a permit for dockless bike and scooter share if companies want to leave them at Metro stations.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

Metro won’t raise fares next year as it tries to stabilize ridership

General Manager Paul Wiedefeld will freeze bus and rail fares and focus on better customer service and work culture to win back goodwill among riders. Weidefeld acknowledged adequate service as critical for the system, but would not commit to adding more trains in the upcoming Metro budget.  (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

A Metro employee fired for falsifying reports wins his job back

An arbitration panel ruled that Metro unjustly fired a supervisor for submitting falsified reports in 2016. The arbitrators sided with an employee who said that track workers were given incorrect standards, and he filled out the supposedly falsified reports according to his training from Metro.  (Max Smith / WTOP)

A proposed Rosslyn redesign would make it a better place to walk and bike

The new Core of Rosslyn plan would redo 14 intersections to make them safer for pedestrians and add over a mile of protected bike lanes. It would also take out a traffic tunnel under Wilson Boulevard and convert some streets from one-way to two-way.  (Alex Koma / ARLnow)

Fairfax is delaying a zoning vote on a seven story building

The county planning commission held off on a vote to approve rezoning a lot to allow for a seven story building and a parking garage. A neighboring condo association was concerned about traffic, and comission members flagged excessive lighting from the garage.  (Fatimah Waseem / Reston Now)

A former DC deputy mayor is penalized in an ethics investigation

Courtney Snowden, the former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, paid $3,000 to the Office of Government Ethics to settle an investigation into times when she asked her government staff to watch her child at or after work.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

Have you registered to vote in your local elections yet?

In DC the deadline for voter registration is October 16, and early voting will being October 22. However, DC also offers same-day registration for voters who can verify their residency with a drivers license or utility bill.  (Andrew Giambrone / Curbed)

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