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Earn Money For Socializing. – Fatima Sheikh – Medium

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So, the title is a little bit funny. You must be thinking that it’s a joke. Well, at first it does seems like a joke but believe it or not. You can and you will earn a great money if you keep reading this post. If you don’t believe, just walk away. Beacuse your life is gonna change till the end Dude!!!

You are still reading this, then i think you got the point what i am trying to say. So just get to the point.

A little introduction

SocioOn social and a business portal is based on its initiative “Technology for Human Development (THD)”; SocioOn is a very useful social and business network, easy to use and very accessible! It connects you with your friends, family, and the global village, users can chat via iON messenger. The first time in the history of Social Media SocioOn founder decided that your post is your product, if your post is going popular, why not you can earn from this post, only SocioOn give direct opportunity to the post owner online earning opportunity, who can earn by liking sharing, commenting, feeding, great job, post advert revenue, donate it and by watching videos. SocioOn is offering free shops, pages, political party pages, online job opportunity, online business, and personal diary, chat and keep in touch with your friends and family! It is also very easy to access and most important of all it is free! Easy account verification and withdrawals as well as lots of opportunities for online earning!

In social timeline Users can post in many categories like social, opinion, business ON, profession ON, pages, shops, join political parties, Islamic and religious posts, charity, donation, blood request, job request and opportunity, personal profile, live video, life’s events, picture of the day, video of the day, articles, poetry, city news, write a blog, poll and quiz. There many direct earning benefits for users like great job! Post advert revenue, feeding, classified, promoting and many more. SocioOn provides transparent earning reports to its users and most important thing all users are verified.

How to earn?

That’s a pretty difficult question. And the answer is as much simple “BY SOCIALIZING”. What i’m trying to say that you don’t have to go through long and long surveys, watching videos, publishing adds or whatsoever. All you have to do is make friends, make posts, give likes, shares and this is not the all of it. You have been given freedom of so many simple options.

Am I Eligible?

That’s the point. If you have an android phone, a laptop or whatever device with a good internet connection. It doesn’t required any post-experience. If you have facebook, you can definitely be a PRO on this site. And the best thing about this is that ” IT’S WORLDWIDE”. The other thing that make this website worthy is “YOU GET $25 AS A BONUS”. Now that makes me excited. You will get $5 when you verify your phone and email, the remaining $20 when you purchase membership. So don’t waste your time and get yourself registered before it’s too late..

Register NOW!!!

How i get Paid?

This whole world is about money. Life is about money. Everything is now about money. I know it’s a sad truth but it’s now the most acknowledged REALITY!!. However lets get to the point. There are so many options like payeer, skrill, perfect money, check, easypaisa, check. It offers every local payment method related to any country. There are so many options for every country that i cannot mention all of them here.

Is there any Investment?

For one thing, i want to be clear. Nothing comes with nothing. Everything needs something. So you have been wasting your time on so many websites with sugar coated pills of FREE MONEY. And with time you have known that most of them are fake, a whole lot Time Waste.

For this one, YES there is little investment of $25 which you have to pay onetime. Just for onetime. And i think it’s not a big deal, you can start without it and first earn then pay. This is not for the company, these bucks will be added to your account as your balance. It’s not a very big sum to start with and get minimum $100 in your pocket. And one thing i want to tell you this is a limited time $25 offer, just till 30th November. Get yourself registered before it rise to $225.


If you have any further queries, drop your comments below and you will find me always ready to help. HAPPY EARNING TO YOU!!!!

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