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3 ways to earn money from home — beginner friendly – Best Crypto News – Medium

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Register here for Cdkeys affiliate program

One of the best Deals provider of Xbox One, Playstation and Steam Game Keys is CD Keys. They pay 5% on every lead you give them

Signing up was easy, and adding links is just as easy. Because their prices are cheap, you will have many sales with payments between $0.5 to £3 usually per sale. I’ve made just short of £120 in 10 days.

I put links out on a few places:

Reddit pages that allow affiliate links.

Gaming Forums (I’m a member on a couple and put out the links)

Facebook Deals group I’m in.

I don’t have links on a blog or website You could probably earn more if you did, but this is to show it’s possible without that. When signing up you can use a facebook group, forum, or other site in the setup form.

Sign up:

If you use my sign up code I get a small percentage of every sale you make (this does not affect the % you get). Everyone you get to sign up you earn a % of, and so on & so forth. So get that link train going!

One final note: Since I put this guide up, 3 people signed up through my affiliate link. I don’t know how many used the non-affiliate link. Remember folks, you have to get some links out and clicks on them to actually earn something.

You wont earn if you don’t put out the links. I’ve had over 1400 clicks in the same time using the 3 places above. I add approx 1–2 links per day to one of them.

This is what your link will look like:

Some Tips: What games are coming out? Promote them.

Chat in the places you post links. Don’t just spam them too much or you’ll get banned. I learned that the hard way with some places. You can use this from the USA & other countries globally

You can request your Payment anytime you reach £10.

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